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Yezidi Yazidi Ezidi Who are Yazidi Islam Sufi

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Who Are Yezidi, Ezidi or Yazidi, and Yezidism, A comprehensive Case Study
Yezidis are our brothers whom their Elder brothers have forgot since centuries. They came in the knowledge of the common people by internet when a yezidi girl Dua Khalil Aswad 17 years, was stoned to death by peoples of her town on 7th April- 2007, on the charge of being in relation with a Muslim boyfriend, & becoming a Muslim.The video of her honor killing was posted on the internet in May 2007. After this incident the internet was flooded with the blogs supporting the innocent Dua Khalil, and providing confusing information about the Yezidi religion and their practices, their history and the felonies and hostilities of Muslims against this helpless community. And some peoples were claiming that the Yezidi religion is an ancient and preislamic pagan religion, and it has the blend of Mithraism and Zoroastrianism and Sufism, and the Yezidis worship an Angel in the form of a Peacock or Taus, The peacock angel, and that The Yezidism is an ancient Angelic Cult, and some posted on internet that the Yezidis are the Worshippers of Satan, and that they are Devil Worshippers, and the Muslims have attacked them 72 times in their bloody history and they still struggling for survival in spite of such hostility. All this is wrong. In reality they are Monotheists. Some people and Organizations even alluring them to make them near to themselves by comforting and soothing them and extending their helping hand, this act caused to create a big gulf of Hatred between the Muslims and the Yezidis,Some claim that the Word Malek Taous is derived from Zeus, or Theos, and Diyus of Indo European origins, and Malek is a word in Iraq for monsters, but all these comments are nothing but the wishful thinking, and actually the Yezidism is a very different from all these gossips. We will study it in detail, but for your introduction I am giving here an extract directly copied from the internet blog.First I want to give you some extracts copied from internet about the Yezidis, after that you will see my comprehensive Study on Yazidism,
Yazdânism collectively denotes a group of native Kurdish religions: Alevism, and Doctrines of Rifaiya’ Sufis, and Yarsan and Yazidism. The Yazdani faiths were the primary religion of the Kurds until their Islamisation in the 16th century. Yazdanism continues to be primarily practiced in relatively isolated communities. The adherents of Yazdanism are estimated to constitute about 1/3 of the Kurds. Yazdanism has however strongly influenced the Kurdish form of Islam.
The name 'Yazdanism' derives from Kurdish yazdan, literally meaning "worthy of worship" and a place in Iran or Eizd in Persian for God, and referring to a belief in a great heptad (seven) of divine beings (see detail below). The three Yazdani traditions are therefore also known as the Cult of Angels.
Adherents themselves refer to the faith as Rae Haq, i.e. The correct opinion, a reference to the primary deity or "universal spirit".
The principal feature of the Yazdani faiths is the belief in seven benevolent divine beings that defend the world from an equal number of malign entities. Another important feature of the religions is a doctrine of reincarnation.
1. The Yazidi (also Yezidi, Kurdish: Êzidîtî or Êzidî, Arabic: (( ????? ??? ????? Are adherents of the smallest of the three branches of Yazdânism, a Middle Eastern religion with ancient Indo-European roots. Yazidis are primarily ethnic Kurds, and most live in the Mosul region of northern Iraq.Their principal holy site is in Lalish, northeast of Mosul. The Yazidis' own name for themselves is Êzidî or Êzîdî or, in some areas, Dasinî. Some scholars have derived the name Yazidi from Old Iranic yazata (divine being), while others say it is a derivation from Umayyad Caliph Yazid I 2. (Yazid bin Muawiyah), revered by the Yazidis as an incarnation of the divine figure Sultan Ezi (this is no longer widely accepted). Yazidis, themselves, believe that their name is derived from the word Yezdan or Êzid meaning God; Iraq, where Arabic is spoken. Kurmanjî is the language of almost all the orally transmitted religious traditions of the Yazidis. Thus, religious origins are somewhat complex.
The religion of the Yazidis is a highly syncretistic one: Sufi influence and imagery can be seen in their religious vocabulary, especially in the terminology but much of the mythology is non-Islamic. Early writers attempted to describe Yazidi origins, broadly speaking, in terms of Islam, or Persian, or sometimes even pagan religions.
The origin of the Yazidi religion is now usually seen by scholars as a complex process of syncretism, whereby the belief system and practices of a local faith had a profound influence on the religiosity of adherents of the Adawiyya Sufi order living in the Kurdish mountains, and caused it to deviate from Islamic norms relatively soon after the death of its founder, Sheikh Adî ibn Musafir who is said to be of Umayyad descent. He settled in the valley of Lalis (some thirty-six miles north-east of Mosul) in the early 12th century AD. Sheikh Adî himself, a figure of orthodoxy, enjoyed widespread influence. He died in 1162, and his tomb/ Mazar is at Lalish is a focal point of Yazidi pilgrimage. During the fourteenth century, important Kurdish tribes whose sphere of influence stretched well into what is now Turkey (including, for a period, the rulers of the principality of Jazira) are cited in historical sources as Yazidi.
The details of their teachings are said to contain elements from most of the known religions in the region. They are clearly instructed to keep their beliefs and rituals hidden from ‘outsiders’. They have two holy books; one of them is called Kitab E Raz or “The Black Book”. Or the Book of Raz, i.e. Asrar or Secrets.
The word for Satan in Arabic is Shaitan. They never utter that word. In fact, they avoid saying any word which has similar syllables - even common words such as ‘shat’ (wide river). They generally avoid saying any word of damnation. For some reason, they never eat lettuce. One well-known Iraqi historian, al Hasani, claims that for many centuries they were forbidden from learning to read and write, except for one family.
As a demiurge figure, Tawûsê Melek is often identified by orthodox Muslims as a Shaitan (Satan), a Muslim term denoting a devil or demon who deceives true believers. The Islamic tradition regarding the fall of "Shaitan" from Grace is in fact very similar to the Yazidi story of Malek Taus - that is, the Jinn who refused to submit to Adam is celebrated as Tawûsê Melek by Yazidis, but the Islamic version of the same story curses the same Jinn who refused to submit as becoming Satan.[18] Thus, the Yazidi have been accused of devil worship.
Anyway, the word Taus (in Melek Taus) is derived from the Indo-European root Diyus and is from Arabic Peacock or Taoos, and Greek Zeus. Ancient Indo-Iranians used to worship the souls of their fathers and grandfathers and glorified the souls of their dead. They also believed in a supreme God (The Father God), who represented natural powers. After the arrival of Zoroaster, he kept Ahoramazda (Supreme God) and abolished the other gods. Over time, Zoroastrians began to associate Devas with Satan and prohibited painting, statues, sacrifice of animals, alcohol and fasting. Zoroaster called those who did not follow his teachings as demon worshipers. Despite zoroasterians' efforts, large parts of the population kept their old beliefs in worshiping natural phenomena. According to scholar Taufiq Wahby and others the word Dasni or Dasny, the ethnic self-designation of Yazidis, is a form of the old word Deva Ysne used by Zoroaster to identify those who did not follow his religion.
Yazidis believe that Melek Taus is not a source of evil or wickedness. They consider him to be the leader of the archangels, not a fallen angel, and therefore comparable to the Christians' Saint Michael, who is likewise considered the leader of the "seven who stand before the Lord" and of all other good angels. Also, they hold that the source of evil is in the heart and spirit of humans themselves, not in Melek Taus. The active forces in their religion are Melek Taus and Sheik Adî. The Kitab E Jalwa i.e., Kitêba Cilwe (Book of Illumination) which claims to be the words of Melek Taus, and which presumably represents Yazidi belief, states that he allocates responsibilities, blessings and misfortunes as he sees fit and that it is not for the race of Adam to question him. Sheikh Adî believed that the spirit of Melek Taus is the same as his own, perhaps as a reincarnation. He is believed to have said : "I was present when Adam was living in Paradise, and also when Nimrod threw Abraham in fire. I was present when God said to me: "You are the ruler and Lord on the Earth). God, the compassionate, gave me seven earths and throne of the heaven."
However, here is the interesting part:
They believe that God first created Melek Taus from his own illumination (Ronahî in Kurdish) and the other six archangels were created later. God ordered Melek Taus not to bow to other beings. Then God created the other archangels and ordered them to bring him dust (Ax) from the Earth (Erd) and build the body of Adam. Then God gave life to Adam from his own breath and instructed all archangels to bow to Adam. The archangels obeyed except for Melek Taus. In answer to God, Malek Taus replied, "How can I submit to another being! I am from your illumination while Adam is made of dust." Then God praised him and made him the leader of all angels and his deputy on the Earth. (This likely furthers what some see as a connection to the Islamic Shaytan, as according to legend he too refused to bow to Adam at God's command, though in this case it is seen as being a sign of a sign of Shaytan's sinful pride.) Hence the Yazidis believe that Melek Taus is the representative of God on the face of the Earth, and comes down to the Earth on the first Wednesday of Nisan (March/April). Yazidis hold that God created Malek Taus on this day, and celebrate it as New Year's day. Yazidis argue that the order to bow to Adam was only a test for Melek Taus, since if God commands anything then it must happen. (Bibe, dibe or God Says Kun fa Yakun, in Arabic). In other words, God could have made him submit to Adam, but gave Taus the choice as a test. They believe that their respect and praise for Melek Taus is a way to acknowledge his majestic and sublime nature. This idea is called "Knowledge of the Sublime" (Zanista Ciwaniyê ). Sheikh Adî has observed the story of Melek Taus and believed in him.So, it quite appears that they actually worship Iblis!
Then there is a contradiction arising from "The Black Book" itself:
(They believe in God as the Supreme Being, but they also have seven other lesser gods / angels. A god has come down to earth every 1000 years since the Flood, 7,000 years ago. The most senior of those gods is called “Melek Ta’us” (Arabic for Peacock Angel).)
“After he repented he cried for 7,000 years, his tears filling 7 jars, which then quenched the fires of hell.”Why would he cry if God had rewarded him?
key and interrelated features of Yazidism are: a) a preoccupation with religious purity and b) a belief in metempsychosis. The first of these is expressed in the system of caste, the food laws, the traditional preferences for living in Yazidi communities, and the variety of taboos governing many aspects of life. The second is crucial; Yazidis traditionally believe that the Seven Holy Beings are periodically reincarnated in human form, called a koasasa.
Yazidis, who have much in common with the followers of Ahl-e Haqq (in western Iran), state that the world created by God was at first a pearl. It remained in this very small and enclosed state for some time (often a magic number such as forty or forty thousand years) before being remade in its current state. During this period the Heptad were called into existence, God made a covenant with them and entrusted the world to them. Besides Melek Taus, members of the Heptad (the Seven), who were called into existence by God at the beginning of all things, include Sheikh Adî, his companion Shaikh Hasan, and a group known as the four Mysteries, Shamsadin, Fakhradin, Sajadin and Naserdin. The Yazidi holy books are the Kitêba Cilwe (Book of Revelation) and the Mishefa Res (Black Book).
A belief in the reincarnation of lesser Yazidi souls also exists. Like the Ahl-e Haqq, the Yazidis use the metaphor of a change of garment to describe the process, which they call kiras guhorîn in Kurdish (changing the garment). Alongside this, Yazidi mythology also includes descriptions of heaven and hell, with hell extinguished, and other traditions incorporating these ideas into a belief system that includes reincarnation.
Yazidi are dominantly monogamous but chiefs may have more than one wife. Children are baptized at birth and circumcision is common but not required. Dead are buried in conical tombs immediately after death and buried with hands crossed.
According to Mohammed Aš-Šahrastani, “The Yezidis are the followers of Yezîd bin Unaisa, who [said that he] kept friendship with the first Muhakkama before the Azari?a”[14] “It is clear, then, that Aš-Šahrastani finds the religious origin of this interesting people in the person of Yezîd bin Unaisa. ... We are to understand, therefore, that to the knowledge of the writer, bin Unaisa is the founder of the Yezidi sect, which took its name from him.” [15] “Now, the first Muhakkamah is an appellative applied to the Muslim schismatic called Al-?awarij ... . ... According to this it might be inferred that the Yezidis were originally a ?arijite sub-sect.”[16] “Yezid moreover, is said to have been in sympathy with Al-Aba?iyah, a sect founded by ‘Abd-Allah Ibn Iba?.” [16]; and the Iba?i sect is another ?arijite sub-sect.Religious beliefsTawûsê Melek, the peacock angelIn the Yazidi belief system, God created the world and it is now in the care of a Heptad of seven Holy Beings, often known as Angels or heft sirr (the Seven Mysteries). Preeminent among these is Tawûsê Melek (frequently known as "Melek Taus" in English publications), the Peacock Angel. According to the Encyclopedia of the Orient,The reason for the Yazidis reputation of being devil worshipers is connected to the other name of Melek Taus, Shaytan, the same name the Koran has for Satan.[17]Furthermore, the Yazidi story regarding Tawûsê Melek's rise to favor with God is almost identical to the story of the jinn Iblis in Islam, except that Yazidis revere Tawûsê Melek for refusing to submit to Adam, while Muslims believe that Iblis' refusal to submit caused him to fall out of Grace with God, and to later become Satan himself.[18]Tawûsê Melek is often identified by Muslims and Christians with Shaitan (Satan). Yazidis, however, believe Tawûsê Melek is not a source of evil or wickedness. They consider him to be the leader of the archangels, not a fallen angel. They also hold that the source of evil is in the heart and spirit of humans themselves, not in Tawûsê Melek. The active forces in their religion are Tawûsê Melek and Sheik Adî.The Kitêba Cilwe "Book of Illumination", which claims to be the words of Tawûsê Melek, and which presumably represents Yazidi belief, states that he allocates responsibilities, blessings and misfortunes as he sees fit and that it is not for the race of Adam to question him. Sheikh Adî believed that the spirit of Tawûsê Melek is the same as his own, perhaps as a reincarnation. He is believed to have said:I was present when Adam was living in Paradise, and also when Nimrod threw Abraham in fire. I was present when God said to me: 'You are the ruler and Lord on the Earth'. God, the compassionate, gave me seven earths and throne of the heaven.Yazidi accounts of creation differ from that of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They believe that God first created Tawûsê Melek from his own illumination (Ronahî ) and the other six archangels were created later. God ordered Tawûsê Melek not to bow to other beings. Then God created the other archangels and ordered them to bring him dust (Ax) from the Earth (Erd) and build the body of Adam. Then God gave life to Adam from his own breath and instructed all archangels to bow to Adam. The archangels obeyed except for Tawûsê Melek. In answer to God, Tawûsê Melek replied, "How can I submit to another being! I am from your illumination while Adam is made of dust." Then God praised him and made him the leader of all angels and his deputy on the Earth. (This likely furthers what some see as a connection to the Islamic Shaytan, as according to the Quran he too refused to bow to Adam at God's command, though in this case it is seen as being a sign of Shaytan's sinful pride.) Hence the Yazidis believe that Tawûsê Melek is the representative of God on the face of the Earth, and comes down to the Earth on the first Wednesday of Nisan (April). Yazidis hold that God created Tawûsê Melek on this day, and celebrate it as New Year's Day. Yazidis argue that the order to bow to Adam was only a test for Tawûsê Melek, since if God commands anything then it must happen. (Bibe, dibe). In other words, God could have made him submit to Adam, but gave Tawûsê Melek the choice as a test. They believe that their respect and praise for Tawûsê Melek is a way to acknowledge his majestic and sublime nature. This idea is called "Knowledge of the Sublime" (Zanista Ciwaniyê). Sêx Adî has observed the story of Tawûsê Melek and believed in him.[19]One of the key creation beliefs of Yazidism is that all Yazidis are descendants of Adam rather than Eve.[17] Yazidis believe that good and evil both exist in the mind and spirit of human beings. It depends on the humans, themselves, as to which they choose. In this process, their devotion to Tawûsê Melek is essential, since it was he who was given the same choice between good and evil by God, and chose the good.
Another important festival is the Tawûsgeran (circulation of the peacock) where Qewals and other religious dignitaries visit Yazidi villages, bringing the senjaq, sacred images of a peacock made from brass symbolizing Tawûsê Melek. These are venerated, taxes are collected from the pious, sermons are preached and holy water distributed.The greatest festival of the year for ordinary Yazidis is the Cejna Cemaiya "Feast of the Assembly" at Lalish, a seven-day occasion. A focus of widespread pilgrimage, this is an important time for social contact and affirmation of identity. The religious center of the event is the belief in an annual gathering of the Heptad in the holy place at this time. Rituals practiced include the sacrifice of a bull at the shrine of Sêx Shams and the practice of sema.Tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir (Sêx Adî) in LalishThe most important ritual is the annual seven-day pilgrimage to the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir (Sêx Adî) in Lalish, north of Mosul, Iraq.[20][22] A sacred microcosm of the world, as it were, it contains not only many shrines dedicated to the koasasa, but a number of other landmarks corresponding to other sites or symbols of significance in other faiths, including Pirra selat "Serat Bridge" and a mountain called Mt. Arafat. The two sacred springs are called Zamzam and Kaniya Sipî "The White Spring".If possible, Yazidis make at least one pilgrimage to Lalis during their lifetime, and those living in the region try to attend at least once a year for the autumn Feast of the Assembly which is celebrated from 23 Aylul (September) to 1 Tashrin (October). During the celebration, Yazidi bathe in the river, wash figures of Tawûsê Melek and light hundreds of lamps in the tombs of Sêx Adî and other saints. They also sacrifice an ox, which is one reason they have been connected to Mithraism, in addition to the presence of the dog and serpent in their iconography. The sacrifice of the ox is meant to declare the arrival of fall and to ask for precipitation during winter in order to bring back life to the Earth in the next Spring. Moreover, in astrology, the ox is the symbol of Tashrin. Purity and taboos
In an October 2006 article in The New Republic, Lawrence Kaplan echoes Williams's sentiments about the enthusiasm of the Yazidis for the American occupation of Iraq, in part because the Americans protect them from oppression by militant Muslims and the nearby Kurds. Kaplan notes that the peace and calm of Sinjar is virtually unique in Iraq: "Parents and children line the streets when U.S. patrols pass by, while Yazidi clerics pray for the welfare of U.S. forces."
Yazidi are exclusive; clans do not intermarry even with other Kurds and accept no converts. They claim that they are descended only from Adam. The strongest punishment is expulsion, which is also effectively excommunication because the soul of the exiled is forfeit.
However, in the case of the poor girl in the news, it seems the punishment exceeded much horror of a simple "expulsion"!!!!
The Yazidi community was affected by several acts of violence in 2007. In April, a group of Yazidi men stoned to death 17 year old Du’a Khalil Aswad, allegedly for her involvement with a Muslim boy. On April 23, 2007 masked gunmen abducted and shot 23 Yazidis near Mosul; this was speculated to be a reprisal attack for Aswad's death. On August 14, 2007 Yazidis were targeted in a series of bombings that became the deadliest suicide attack since the Iraq War began.
Another Opinion about Yazidis from internet is as follows,
The Yazidis are linked to the extreme Shi'a (Ghulat) sects and number worldwide some 300,000 people. The main group of 150,000 Yazidis live in the Jebel Sinjar mountain and the Shaikhan district of northwest Iraq.The Yazidis call themselves Dawasi. They are called "Devil worshippers" by their Sunni neighbours, who considered them heretics and have cruelly persecuted them over the centuries. They are closely related to similar sects such as the Ahl-i-Haqq.The Yazidi religion is a syncretistic combination of Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish and Nestorian Christian with Islamic Shi'a and Sufi elements and has many variants. They believe that they were created separately from the rest of mankind and are descended from Adam only - not from Adam and Eve like the rest of humanity. They have therefore kept themselves strictly isolated from the other communities among whom they lived, and did not intermarry with them. They also call themselves "Children of Adam" and see themselves as a chosen people. Although scattered, they have a well organized society. The Emir (Mirza Beg) who resides at Ba'dari (65 km north of Mosul), is the secular head who represents the Yazidis to the central authorities. He installs the chief Sheikh (Sheikh Nazir, Baba Sheikh) who resides in Beled-Sinjar and is the supreme religious head and the infallible authority on their holy scriptures. Ethnically most Yazidis are Kurmanji speaking Kurds. Their religious practice is centered on the tomb of their founder figure, Sheikh 'Adi ibn Musafir at Lalesh, some 60 km north-east of Mosul, who was probably a Sufi (some think an Isma'ili) preacher of the 12th century. BELIEFS Yazidis believe that the supreme God created the world, but delegated its maintenance to a hierarchy of seven angels of whom Malak Ta'us (the Peacock Angel) was the first in rank. Malak Ta'us sinned in not worshipping Adam, and was punished by being cast down from heaven. After shedding tears for 7000 years, with which the fires of hell were quenched, he repented of his sin of pride, was pardoned and reinstated as chief of the angels.In Yazidi belief, Malak Ta'us is also the devil (Shaitan), the ruler of this world, and they seek to appease him as they fear his power. They do not actually worship him, but seek to honour and placate him, believing that the Supreme Being has delegated to him dominion over the world. They will never pronounce his Arabic name "Shaitan" or use any word beginning with "SH". He is seen as a capricious Lord who determines man's fate as he wills and in whom the principles of good and of evil are combined. It is believed that he appeared in different form in various periods of history, the final incarnation being in Sheikh 'Adi ben Musafir (d. 1162). Malak Ta'us rules the universe with the help of six other angels, and he guards the gates of Paradise. The seven angels are worshipped by the Yazidi in the form of seven bronze peacock figures called Sanjaq, the largest of which weighs 320 kg. Six of them are taken yearly on a round of the main Yazidi centres.Of the other angels, Sultan Ezi is second in rank to Malak Ta'us and many legends are told about him. He is sometimes identified with the second Umayad Caliph Yazid ibn Mu'awiyah. Other important angels are Sherf-Edin (noble lord of religion) who is seen as the Mahdi (returning Messiah), and She-Shims (sun sheikh) who presents the prayers of the Yazidis to God's throne three times a day.As hell was destroyed by Malak Ta'us, it does not exist anymore. There is no concept of the forgiveness of sins. A person's deeds receive due punishment or reward in his next reincarnation. Transmigration of souls is a process of gradual purification of the spirit through the successive rebirths until the final day of judgment. Like all Shi'a groups, the Yazidis believe firmly in Taqiya, the dissimulation of their faith in the face of persecution for the sake of the survival of the community.
RITES AND CUSTOMSSheikh 'Adi, the Yazidi founder figure and saint, was a 12th century Sufi mystic whom the Yazidi believe was the final manifestation of Malak Ta'us. His tomb is their religious centre and focal point of their annual pilgrimage. Once a year, early in October, all Yazidis are encouraged to assemble at Sheikh 'Adi. The festivities are supervised by the Emir and the Baba Sheikh. The pilgrims bathe ritually in the river and form a procession in which the various clergy castes carry the Sanjaqs, play the flutes and drums, sing and dance. Hundreds of sesame oil lamps are lighted at the saint's grave and special offerings are brought. White bulls are sacrificed and common meals partaken of. A black serpent, symbol of Malak Ta'us, is carved on the doorway to the shrine and is kissed by the pilgrims. Booths are set up and there is much rejoicing with singing and dancing. The clergy engage in secret rituals to which the laity (murids) have no access. Yazidis pray ritually three times a day facing the sun after first washing their hands and face. The prayers are in Kurdish and express thankfulness and pleas for blessing and help. The weekly holy day is Wednesday, in which they gather at dawn in a Ziyaret (local pilgrimage centre). The day of rest is Saturday. Twice a year they fast for three days: at the sun festival (ida roja, 1st December) and at the Khidr Elias festival (The Prophet Elijah day, 18th February).The new year festival (ida sersale, first Wednesday in April) is a time of much rejoicing. Sheep, goats or hens are sacrificed, and houses decorated with flowers. Bonfires are lit at night. Yazidis celebrate other festivals, including two days at the end of the Muslim Ramadan and a Jesus feast (ida Isa) around Easter time.Yazidis revere their dead, offering gifts, especially the first fruits, at their graves. Many Yazidi villages have a tomb of a holy man nearby which is used as a local pilgrimage centre. Pilgrims seek blessing, protection and healing at these tombs.Yazidi taboos include not eating lettuce, as they believe that evil is found in it. Tradition has it that "the devil once hid in a lettuce patch". This belief, ridiculed by their neighbours, probably goes back to the Manichaeans who believed that Divine Light was contained in plants more than in any other substance. Yazidis must not wear clothes of a specific dark blue colour, or a shirt open down the front. Underwear must be white. Very religious Yazidis do not eat chicken or gazelle meat.Birth to Yazidi parents is the only way into the community. From birth each Yazidi is automatically linked to his or her specific Sheikh or Pir. This relationship cannot be changed. Children are baptized in the first week after birth, whilst circumcision is optional. Between the 7th to the 11th month, boys are initiated into full membership of the community through a special ceremony in which the Sheikh cuts off three locks of the boy's hair which are hidden by the mother.The Sheikhs perform at weddings and funerals with special prayers and liturgies.The sacred scriptures of the Yazidis are two short books written in Arabic: Kitab al-Jilwah (book of revelation) supposed to have been written by Sheikh 'Adi himself, and Mishaf Rash (black writing) by Sheikh Hasan ibn-'Adi. An Arabic hymn in praise of Shaykh 'Adi is greatly respected as part of their liturgy. SOCIETYYazidi society is divided into two classes, the laity and the clergy. Marriage is strictly restricted to one's own class, often to one's own clan and is preferably to a cousin. The laity (murid) who constitute the majority of Yazidis were not supposed to learn to read or write (a privilege kept for an Imam claiming descent from the famous Sufi Hasan al-Basri). They are not initiated into the mysteries of their religion, their duty being to keep the religious rites and taboos and obey their spiritual leaders. Every Yazidi is linked as a disciple to a definite Sheikh or Pir, whose hand he kisses every day. The clergy or priests (ruhan, kahana) enjoy great respect and must not cut their hair or beard. They are divided into six classes: 1. The Sheikhs who are descended from five families closely related to Sheikh 'Adi. 2. The Pirs, descended from some of Sheikh Adi's disciples. The Sheikhs and Pirs are responsible for the spiritual welfare of the murid families under their care, and for teaching them the proper Yazidi rites and ceremonies. They also function at the religious festivals and at the rites of passage (birth, marriage, death, etc.).3. The Fakirs or Karabash who wear black shirts next to their skins and black turbans round their felt caps. They are organized like a Sufi order and have their own ascetic rules. 4. The Kawwals, who sing and play music at the festivals. Their representatives carry the Sanjaqs around Yazidi villages, inviting them to the pilgrimage to Sheikh Adi and gathering their donations to the Emir and to the upkeep of the religious centre. 5. The Kocaks - the dancers who serve at the tomb of Sheikh 'Adi. 6. The Awhan or deacons who perform the menial service at the tomb. Every Yazidi is designated a "Brother or Sister of the Other World" on reaching puberty. This is a spiritual relationship which persists until death and carries certain ceremonial responsibilities (similar to Godparents in Christianity).Yazidi language, both in worship and in secular life, is the Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish. Yazidis are organized in tribes, with a chief (Agha) at the head of each. Every tribe is divided into clan groups. Marriage is monogamous and restricted to a person's caste and clan.As heretics the Yazidis were considered fair prey to any rightly believing Sunni. Turkish rulers and Sunni Kurdish tribes repeatedly persecuted them and tried to forcibly convert them. More recently the Iraqi authorities forcibly deported 20,000 Yazidis from Jebel Sinjar in 1975. Since the Gulf War the Iraqi Government is claiming that the Yazidis are Arabs and their areas should be under its jurisdiction, whilst the Yazidis and Kurdish forces assert that they are Kurds and should be part of their safe haven. Iraqi government posts are only one mile away from the Yazidi sanctuary at Lalesh.Many Yazidis were also forced to leave South-Eastern Turkey in the 70s and 80s as a result of general anti-Kurdish and specific Sunni-Islamic anti-Yazidi persecution. They have historically viewed their Syrian Orthodox and Nestorian Christian neighbours as friends and fellow sufferers at the hands of the dominant Sunni majority.
This was an extract from a internet about the Yezidis, now see my comprehensive Study on Yadisism, it is as Follows,
Some claim that the Word Malek Taous is derived from Zeus, or Theos, and Deos of Indo European origins, but all these comments are nothing but wishful thinking, and actually the Yezidism is very different from all these gossips.The Muslim community knows very little about Yazidism, so this article is especially for them. Now the world wide Yezidi community is looking towards the west for help and support and they are totally neglected by the Muslim brothers, the Yezidis who could escape from Iraq are now living in Europe and America, but their majority is still living in Mosul in Iraq. If we Muslims did not help our Yezidi Brothers in Time then they will be totally alienated from us and they will be surely assimilated in Christianity, or they can join hands with our enemies. In this back ground I myself had viewed the video in April 2007 on internet while I was in Dubai, I was shocked to view the death agony of that helpless girl, and so I came to know that there is an Ancient cult still today alive in the heart of Muslim Arabic country, this was another shock for me, I personally examined the blogs on Dua Khalil and Yezidis and found that all non Muslims are united for the Yezidis and very few Muslims have comments on those blogs, and Muslims had very little knowledge about Yezidis or they have wrong knowledge about the them. As I being a researcher of truth and religions, I always tried to find out truth since when I was a small child and since I became aware of my environment in my early childhood, I was longing to find out truth and reasons in each and every matter I come across as a child, since my early childhood I had many questions in my mind regarding religion and all other matters, and I was quite successful to investigate and find out all correct answers and conclusions on matters for which I had questions and doubts. And the question of Yezidism was one of them. When I got opportunity to study them again long after the unfortunate Dua Khalil's sacrifice, I turned myself again towards the internet to seek information about the Yezidis, which only internet can provide me very quickly, easily and it is very affordable too, it is also a Gift of God. Knowing the fact that the internet can provide me conflicting and misleading information, but I was confident to separate the truth from the falseness after examining vast knowledge on the internet. In my study of the Yezidis I examined the wikipedia, and Yezidi humanitarian web, and a few research articles on Yezidism posted by some researchers and some blogs and articles and views and opinions of different net surfers, all information regarding Yezidism on the net was conflicting and confusing, even a Yezidi web had declared on its own web page that all the information on Yezidis on the internet is not correct and for correct information one has to log on to their web site only. There was a very detailed analysis on the customs and beliefs and the religious books and their sacred peoples and places, and the connection between different religions with the Yezidism, what I had to read from the internet, the summary of the information regarding the Yezidis on the net was as above what I copied from the internet. The persons or organizations who were just honest to put the information on the net had written about each and every aspect of the Yezidism very honestly, they showed the Sufi connection with the Yezidism along with Mithraism and pagan beliefs and conflicts with the contemporary Muslim clergy and their persecution, on the internet, but the truth about the Yezidis is not this much, it is far more than this, And the peoples who were Christian or Jewish backgrounds or Atheists were tried hard to show that the Yezidism is a Pagan cult, it predates Islam and Christianity, and they said that probably it is derived from Ancient Kurdish pantheism or Babylonian and ancient Middle eastern religions and early Christianity and it has influence of Sufism and Islam in later centuries after the rise of Islam and popularity of Sufism and its Doctrines, these peoples were interested in detailing the persecution of the Sufis by the Muslim Rulers and clergy and also the persecution of the Yezidi community by the Muslim Rulers and kings. this act helped to increase the gulf of hatred between Yezidis and Muslims, the intension of some peoples seems to cultivate the seeds of hatred in the hearts of innocent Yezidi young generation towards Muslims, The Muslims are guilty I agree but it is not the True Islam who is against the Yazidis, the Muslims who misunderstood Yazidism in the past are guilty of their persecution, those persecutors were both shias and Sunnis, because they believed that the Yezidis are descendants of Yazid Bin Muawiya, the ignorant Muslims are not only guilty of persecution of the Yazidis alone but they are guilty of persecution of Various Sufis in the past including the famous mystic Sufi Al Hallaj Hussain Mansoor in Baghdad. 900 AD, and Sufi Sarmad in India, 1100 AD. and many more world wide, these Sufis are still revered in India and Pakistan and by the world wide Sunni Muslim Community. This Hussain Mansoor Al Hallaj is the same one to whom the Yezidis revere very much, The Yezidis revere to the Abdul Qadar Jilani, and Hasan Al Basri, and to the Rabia Basri, and to the Al Ghazali, and Khizar etc. and the Sunni Muslims of Pakistan and India also revere them all equally even today. The Sunni Muslim community is a body of descendants of early Muslims, New Converts, and Ethnically Diverse peoples from, the huge and expanding Muslim empire, and Hypocrites, and who are mostly illiterate and less educated or ignorant about Islam in particular and are misguided, and ill advised by their clergymen since the time of Shiaa Sunni bifurcation at about 750 AD, Although their common peoples are innocent, during this period the Mutazalis, Kharijite, and the Rifaiya etc emerged, and These peoples are responsible for most of the problems in Islam, The Sufism itself was also the brain child of these early Sunni Muslims, The Peoples who killed (Hussain Bin Ali (God Bless him)) the Grandson of Muhammad PBUH. were from the Sunni sect of early Muslims, although the First Sunni Muslims did not killed Hussain GBH, but they also could not stop the enemies of Hussain Bin Ali GBH from killing him in Iraq, really they were helpless that time, they were all under fear and shock, they did not had courage to prevent the enemies of Hussain Bin Ali GBH from killing him and his 72 people's gang of Shia Muslim peoples, because of the continued battles at every 5 to six months interval since Prophet Muhammad PBUH came to Medina, up to the assassination of Hussain Bin Ali GBH at Karbala in Iraq, after Hussain Bin Ali’s sacrifice the Sunni Muslims came under a heavy shock and practically they went in coma, and there was no war and battle for this brief period, and after the assassination of Hussain Bin Ali GBH, the Umayyad Caliph Yazid bin Mawiya established a lavish empire from Arabia to Iraq and Syria and there was no resistance to him from any corner, because every body was fearing from the Yazid and his army men, and the commanders of his army gave heavy rewards to all peoples who helped in killing of Hussain Bin Ali GBH, and after a period of silence and calm down they get assimilated among the Sunni Muslims as if nothing wrong has ever happened, and after the death of Yazid bin Mawiya and his army men and his commanders the common Sunni Muslim started waking up from the state of fear shock and when they wake up from coma they started to bring life on its normal track. they tried to implement Quranic law in the society, now there emerged lawyers who know the Quran and the Hadiths/instructions of Muhammad PBUH, this gave a rise in different schools of law in Islam, the Humbli, Maliki, Shafi schools of law emerged in this time period, and now they needed the help of Hadiths, for making laws as the Yazid’s empire exceeded the borders of the Arabia. More new peoples and more new countries came directly under the Empire, new problems arrived, and Islamic law needed, now the collection of hadiths was started and refining of Hadiths was carried out, and un trust worthy Hadiths were rejected by the authentic Hadiths collectors, and after compilation of a good amount of authentic Hadiths the Islamic Lawyers were in a good position to implement Shariya Law in the society with the patronage of the Caliphs, these Caliphs and rulers and governors were the descendants of the peoples who Killed Hussain Bin Ali GBH, as the Islamic awareness increased in the early Muslims and the ruling class, there emerged a guilt feeling of Killing of Hussain Bin Ali GBH among the ruling class in particular and in Sunni Muslims in general about the Guilt of doing this sort of heinous crime of killing the Grandson of the Final Prophet Muhammad PBUH, now they become aware about the worth of Muhammad PBUH, coupled with the guilt feeling and love and admiration of Muhammad PBUH, and knowledge of Islamic Shariya and plenty of wealth and a very large empire encompassing the whole Arabia and beyond, this proved in front of the Muslims the authenticity of Islam and the predictions of Quran and Muhammad PBUH, This made the common peoples to believe in the truth of Islam and there emerged a flood of devout persons in each and every house in the length and breadth of this huge Empire, these devout persons were the early Saint of Islam, these peoples were astonished and amazed and fully admired due to the witness of the truth of Islam and The Truth of Muhammad PBUH and his sayings, in front of their eyes, because they were the witness of the poverty and worthlessness of the Arabia and themselves, these early saints of Islam were truly devout persons, they had true knowledge of Islam, they were not ignorant about the Islamic law, simply they were astonished, and lost in the God, these were the traits of the early Islamic saints and Sufis and Fakirs, now as I told you that a flood of such peoples arrived in the early five centuries of Islam, and after that the flood of devotion over flowed all the empire, the peoples became addicts of devotion, the knowledge levels of the addict devout persons declined and pure devotion took hold, because there was plenty of every thing, they had no troubles and fear of enemies because the borders of Islamic Empire were ever increasing, and the enemies were far-flung beyond the borders, pure devotion to God prevailed in the Arabia, and Once a person becomes devout and astonished by the glory of God, he lost senses, and if he is less educated, then he can imagine any fantasy, and this situation gave birth to the early Sufism, the devout and lost peoples in God were the first Sufis of Islam, these early Sufis were having some kind of awareness of Islamic law, they were not illiterate and ignorant devout persons, they were simply real devout and lost in the God persons. in this period of addiction of devotion and early Sufism there was very good communication between the Sufis of all over the enormous Empire, in these times the Sufis were holding their meetings with one another and exchanging ideas as different new ideas and doctrines of devotion were coming in from different non Arabic countries of the newly expanded Empire, the Pilgrimage of Makkah or the Hajj provided very good opportunity to all these devout persons and Sufis to meet one another and express ideas and exchange new formulas of devotion, the Sufis made Hierarchy in the Muslim Society such as The Sheikh or Mard e Kamil or Murshad and The Peer and his disciple is called Mureed, they Held meetings of Sama, and There was Qawwals for reciting Qawwalis, in Mehfil e Sama, and the Sufis even held ceremonies near the other Sufis as a Pilgrimage to their house, and Dinners and Dancing, The Shrines of Sufis are known as Mazars, and there are Original Peacock’s tail Feather’s long brushes, highly revered by the pilgrims, as if actually the Peacock is revered Bird of the Sufis, and a lamp is kept always lit in these Mazars, the Muslims also believe in distribution of work among the Archangels, such as the Michael is given the work of Rains and seasons, and the Israfeel is responsible for the End times preparation and the Azraeel is given the task of giving the death to all creatures, and the Gabriel is the messenger of God, and different ask are given to specific Angels, and Azazeel is Satan, etc. the Yazidis also have such ideas of seven angels administration of world, the Heptad, i.e. the prominent Seven, During the time of early Sufism the trade and technology exchange was also carried out through the same channels of communications in those time, 700 AD to 1400 AD, As the Islam is a pure monotheistic religion and it has very perfect and sufficient law, and now it also had a very gigantic empire and government, so there always existed law enforcement agents among Islamic cities, these agents ensure the law enforcement in all strata of the society, mean while the Rulers and Dynasties changed and the struggle for the power was going on in the elites but the general public was busy in learning and devotion, Up to here we discussed only about the Sunni Muslims part, and what about the Shia Muslim sect which was got completely separated from Sunni Muslims from the time of assassination of Hussain Bin Ali GBH, after the assassination of Hussain Bin Ali GBh the Shia peoples along with the remaining family members of Hussain Bin Ali GBh became underground and secret and they conspired to acquire power from the Sunnis throughout the Islamic History. Their development in the religion was not of equal quality of Sunni sect, but they remained loyal to the family members of Hussain Bin Ali GBH, but their religious development was of very inferior quality than Sunnis, because they had concentrated solely on conspiracy and they could not devote considerable time for the development of Islamic sciences and law, This leads in them various drawbacks and they were very prone to heresy, and they invented different doctrines as the control of Islamic Knowledge and law was not strong on them and because they could not standardized Islamic Knowledge, such as the compilation of authentic Hadiths, even they could not prevent intermixing of authentic Hadiths and unauthentic Hadiths, many new doctrines emerged from shias, and the shias were not doing any best in the history of Islam , even they were worst than Sunnis, they even joined hands with the enemies of Islam in the past for attaining power and governments, In the mean time the Sunni Muslims were busy in the expansion of the empire, and slowly the high standard of the Sufis and devout persons started to fall down, but still the people were devout and the Sufism has a craze among devout persons, and new doctrines and ideas were accepted in the Sufism and the Sufis had a secret ideas, often written in the form of secret Books, i.e. Book of secret or Kitabe Raz or Ramouz and Isrars, and they assumed that these ideas were also the means of devotion to the almighty God, so there is no harm in it, Although this knowledge was even blasphemous for Allah SWT, but these Sufis were assuming it to be the means of devotion and nearness to Allah SWT, not only nearness but they assume it the means of attaining dissolution in Allah SWT, The Sufis were not allowing novices to know about this knowledge, this knowledge was written some times and some times it was passed orally to the most trusted disciple of rank, the written book about such forbidden knowledge was very common among the Sufis of India, all the prominent Sufis of medieval period were having such books, the books were kept very hidden and secret, and only made available to the tested and attained disciples, Sufi Shaikh Faridoddin, Sufi Bahoddin Multani and Sufi Nizamoddin of Delhi and Bahoddin Zachariah, and Ruknoddin Multani and many more numerous others, had read them, these books had very blasphemous doctrines, Blasphemous according to Islam, and not according to Sufism, In these books generally very contrary things were mentioned about the God, his modus operandi, his shape and his personality and his powers and his shrewdness and his conspiracy and his power and weaknesses, even the events and reality which is opposite to the Quran and Hadiths, these things are not allowed to talk according to Islam, but these Sufis were assuming that as far as the Sufi is having all true knowledge of Islamic Law and Quran and Hadiths, and he is leading a life according to laid down law of Islam, this type of secret Knowledge will not harm him, because he has control over his sense, and because he has attained the rank of Shaikh or Marde Kamel by hard devotion, and human mind can imagine any thing good or blasphemous but its harm only comes if it is expressed openly to common public, so the Sufis were hiding these books from the general non Sufi persons, but every body know that if any body became a true devout and if he is lost in God then he looses control of his senses, he becomes just like insane and intoxicated person, They were hence called as Majzoobs, i.e. Dissolved one, The devotion and the guilt feeling in the early devout Muslims led them to think about repentance from the crime of killing Hussain Bin Ali GBH, the guilt feeling of Hussain Bin Ali’s GBH assassination created among the early killers of Hussain Bin Ali GBh a feeling of Repentance, now they were in search of any way of repentance, they were in search of any body who can relive them from the guilt feeling and from this sin by showing them any way, any story any parable and allegory which can give them any feeling of comfort was very dear to them, these Sufis became really Absorbed in God, they were real devout persons they were lost in God and they had lost senses, Among them was Hussain Mansoor Al Hallaj, Sufi Sarmad and Al Ghazali and Abdul Qadar al Jilani al Baghdadi and Hasan Al Basri and Rabiya Basri and Bahoddin Zachariah and Ruknoddin Multani many more innumerable others widely distributed throughout Islamic Territory, the other persons who had not lost in the God, or who has not so strong in Devotion towards God can easily misunderstand these absorbed Sufis as blasphemers due to their thoughts, the thoughts which came on their tongues because of their unconscious state of mind, these Sufis can reveal blasphemous ideas from that secret book, and in the History Mansoor al Hallaj was persecuted by the law enforcement authorities, and many more peoples were persecuted for the same reasons and charges of blasphemy, Hussain Mansoor Al Hallaj was saying that I am Allah, i.e. Ana Al Haqq, according to that secret book and according to Sufi doctrine it may be right, but he was lost and absorbed in the devotion so he was telling this statement, the law enforcement agent either misunderstood him or he persecute him to prevent wide spread open blasphemy of God in the common public, to save the dignity of Allah in the society. these types of persecussions were very common, but the wise option was to neglect such Sufis, because they did not do that intentionally. but for the law enforcement agents it is very necessary to maintain law and order in the society. they wanted that the disease of blasphemy of God should not spread in the general public, because Fear of God is the Basis of Law and order.Shaikh Adi Bin Musafir and his contemporary Sufis had sympathy with the Hussain Mansoor Al Hallaj, and many peoples were having sympathy with the Al Hallaj, his persecution and death made many Sufis uncomfortable and they secretly propogated his message and doctrine among Sufis and public, the secret book was kept under strict vigilance and most of the times the Sufi takes this book in their graves by advising their disciples to put this book under their head as a pillow in their graves, one such book was unearthed in Yemen in a mosque when peoples were digging for the expansions of the mosque, the western media thought this book to be the Original Quran because it has verses very opposite to the teaching of Quran, the people who agreed on the secret doctrine of the Al Hallaj Mansoor were keeping their beliefs very secret due to fear of persecutions, The Secret Sufi sect and their secret book remained in the hands of some highly trusted Sufis and it was in India there are written proofs about this secret book that this book was under the library of Sufi Bahoddin Zachariah and Baba Farid and others and many other closely related Sufis who were allowed to read this book after passing different tests and criteria, this book and its contents were copied and even stolen by various Sufis of that time and it reached throughout the Islamic territories, there are written proofs in Urdu, The idea of Allah SWT is the all excellent and ever potential was the basis of Sufism, and the Sufis could not imagine that Allah can be unjust to any body, he is ever just and he can do any thing and he is all knowing and he knows the past, future and the present equally well, he can not be unjust to any body and he cannot be defeated and fooled by any body, Now the problem of Satan was making them uneasy, they longed to solve this enigma, and the thoughts and imaginations of Sufis had its solution, although the solution was correct and justified according to secret Sufi book but they were blasphemous for the general Muslims, in the eyes of Islamic shariya these types of solutions were worthy of burn down immediately and any proponents of these ideas needed to be immediately put to brutal death and there was no compromise, that’s why these books were kept very secret and only very trusty and tested candidates were allowed to view these books, and the followers and the Sufis who were in agreement of these secret doctrines were advised to keep it strictly secret and confined to the elite Sufis only, no body was allowed to question the Sufi and his deeds if one finds them blasphemous he was advised to assume it’s opposite and that it is a Asrar or Raz or Ramooz i.e. the secrets of Allah SWT which cannot be revealed to commoners. and the general public understood this very obediently and they never questioned any Sufis, because the commoners were thinking that they cannot understand the Ramooz and Asrar of God, and only Sufis can understand them, The Idea of Satan's disobedient to the order of Allah was making the Sufis uneasy and they tried to find any means of reconciliation between Allah and Satan, there are some Hadiths which shows that the Satan knows the Passwords of Allah, i.e. the Isme Aazam, and he is confident that by using these divine passwords he will one day win the heart of Allah and will be forgiven for his sin of disobedience, and he can use them well before the day of judgment, i.e. Qayamah or Doomsday, this type of Hadiths are still in circulation and these types of rumors create hopes in the mind of the Sufis about the repentance of Satan or chances of his reconciliation with God, and they thought that, May be this might have had happened in the Spiritual realms( Aalam e Arwah) that the Satan may have used those passwords and he might have forgiven already, this doctrine is contrary to the Quran, but the imagination of Dissolved Sufi can tell him that the Quran was copied from Loohe Mahfooz ( A kind of Divine Cyber Clipboard ), and it may be from among a Ramooz wa Asrar of Allah SWT, the Sufis had questions in there minds, the Sufis were innocent believers of God, they were truly and purely Monotheists, they were not ready to accept that there can be any body who even can dare to disobey God, and survive, this is the defamation of God if any body disobey him from among his nearest ones, such as the Satan, and they might think that there can not be any body deprived of the Grace and mercy of God for longer time, The God’s mercy must encompass him, even if the guilty is unwilling to repentance, the God is all wise, he cannot let the guilty do stupidity, and because he has created every thing from his noor ( Light), This story of disobedience of Satan is in Quran only, it is not in Jewish or Christian Bile, the story is as follows, " when God finished making Adam and when Adam stood up after breathing his life breaths, and after completing demonstrations of Adam’s abilities to various Angels, the God Ordered to all the Angels to prostrate in front of Adam, Now all Angels prostrated but only Satan did not did this,.. Allah became angry upon Satan and stripped off all his ranks, And so on the story goes in Quran, according to the Quran. and the Hadith of prophet Muhammad PBUH regarding the repentance by using passwords and the Sufi’s imagination of repentance of Satan in spiritual realms has a comfort for the peoples who were Purely Monotheistic in their beliefs and who were devout men to the God, and this idea can give a sort of comfort and sooth to the persons who were still having some sort of guilt feeling in their hearts, the guilt can be replaced by the idea of repentance, the peoples who have guilt feeling in their hearts always tries to find some sort of sooth or comfort in any possible thing, or even in Fetishes, being among the Sunni Muslims, descendents of the Yazid and Marwan can feel this sort of guilt feeling more than any other person in Shia Muslim sect, the shia Muslims were thinking to be very lucky because they sided the Hussain bin Ali GBH, and many Sunni Muslims admired the shias because of this only, although all shia Muslims are not the descendants of the persons who actually supported Hussain bin Ali GBH, the shias are a combination of different ethnically diverse persons, in past many shias got assimilated in Sunni Muslims without knowingly, due to ignorance, on the other hand the Sunni Muslims also decayed and ignorance prevailed in them, slowly they forgot the Islamic sciences and hence started obeying the learned men and clergy, and the clergy and learned men lead them astray, The early clergy of Muslims persecuted the yezidi leaders due to misunderstanding, they saw their religious innovations only but they couldn’t dig into the root cause, And persecuted them so heavily that all the Yezidis were excommunicated and confined them in the hills, all religious books were stripped off from them, they were not allowed to perform the Hajj and visiting Makkah. So their leaders recalled their memories and compiled a religious material from whatever was mixed in their imagination and memories, and for quenching the thirst of Hajj in their disciples they constructed a Makkah in the region were they were confined, Strikingly the landscape and the surrounding of their holy places of pilgrimages closely resembles the cities of Makka and Medina, even they kept the same names to the nearby hills and ponds and spring as are in Original Makka in KSA, their spring is Zamzam, their hill is Arafat etc.The Sunni Muslim community is a body of descendants of early Muslims, New Converts, and Ethnically Diverse peoples from, the huge and expanding Muslim empire, and Hypocrites, and who are mostly illiterate and less educated or ignorant about Islam in particular and are misguided, and ill advised by their clergymen, These peoples are responsible for most of the problems in Islam, Although their common peoples are innocent but their clergymen are not intelligent and wise, they distorted the Islam and Quran and hadiths, they are headless clergymen, they have hearsay beliefs and once they erred they were caught in ego and prestige problem and in defending their problem of ego their early clergymen tried to find out far fetched references and slip of the tongue type proofs from the Quran and Hadiths, and even they rely on rejected body of Hadiths to support their rather Difficult to prove hearsay beliefs, Once their early peers erred in the early history of Islam, and due to ego they tried to patch up their mistakes by producing distorted proofs from Quran and Hadiths instead of accepting the mistake and correcting it in first place, their clergy retaliates with their silly ideas on the correctors, They themselves are less intelligent and so they do not becomes shy of their cognizance less ness, Now they do patch ups so the patch up process continued till today along with this less intelligence mind and mentality, and this patch up daring gives birth to new doctrines and ideas along sides, these clergy of Sunni Muslims are low intelligent people they cannot under stand the truth of monotheism and these were the Muslims who persecuted the Hussain Mansoor al Hallaj, and to the Yezidi peoples 72 times in History, the Yezidis are the devout followers of devout saints who revere monotheism, The Yezidis are really the descendants of devout saints who were true monotheist and dissolved saints and lost in the God secret Sufis, they are the followers of the secret Sufi cult, the contemporary Sunni Muslims misunderstood them, because the Sunni Muslims forgot the secret Sufi doctrine due to their own ignorance, and because the Sunni Muslims had allowed many innovations or Bida. in their religion and made a religion on Islamic debris, Actually the Islam is not a religion, but it is a Fact of the universe, it is proven fact that There is a God, who created this whole universes, and he only knows every thing and only he can Guide us, and only his guidance has true path, and he only can be all good and benevolent, and the Aim of human life is to Establish peace and justice in society and to keep it functioning and to restore it, if it is lost, Islam is the knowledge about the One God who created this Universe, and every thing and he gave an opportunity to man to lead a peaceful and just life in this world by establishing just society based on human rights and justice and God has given an opportunity for the man to restore peace and justice in the society, and to keep the things going on smoothly according to his Laws, and God had guided the human beings from very beginnings and he sent innumerable prophets and his final message arrived with his Final prophet Muhammad PBUH, but the Religion of Sunnis is totally different from this, and it cannot be called the Islam, it is it’s a parody of Islam, They forgot Islam, long in the distant past, in true Islam it is the aim of a human being to strive for restoring and maintaining peace and justice in the society, all the things, wealth and food and peace and time and happiness is only given for the task of maintaining a justice and peace in the society, it is just like you are a sales man and you are provided the car and food and clothes and accommodations and you are traveling for the cause of business tour, all the provisions given to you are not for enjoyments but all these are given to you so that you make business for your employer, this travel is not your holiday picnic ride, it is for the business of your boss, and we must not forget this in our whole travel, Now you think your self what the humans are doing with this provisions given by God to us, Every body is a Traveler in his life, The Arabic word for Traveler is Musafir, and in this regards every body is Musafir, so we have to perform our travel very successfully in order to give good business to our boss, we should not waste the provisions and traveling allowances given by our boss in our own enjoyments and amusements, if we are wasting it then we are not doing the duty properly. Then why we should not be fired from our boss. Be a good Musafir.
The Yazidis were devout followers of their Sufi teachers, but the Sunni Muslims misunderstood them and they heavily persecuted them 72 times since their inception, many times the Yazidis were excommunicated, their houses were burnt to ashes, their belongings were seized, and the community was made forcefully to disperse, their holy sites were damaged and their books were burnt down, so the Ezidi or Yazidis had no books with them when they settled down in remote mountains, then their Sheikhs and Sufis and Peers and Murids and Fakirs and Baba Sheikhs gathered what they had in their memory about the teachings of the religion, and from here the custom of memorizing the secret doctrines of Ezidis came in to use, Shaikh Adi Bin Musafir was a devout Sufi, from the lineage of Yazid Bin Muawiyah, The Yazidis have the story of Satan as he became Peacock and he entered the Paradise to Tempt the Adam and eve, after Disobeying Allah, the Satan Did not prostrate in front of the Adam, hence Allah became unhappy with the Peacock angel, and after tempting the Adam and Eve, finally the Peacock angel repented and Allah restored him his past glory and made him the Boss of other Archangels, then the peacock Angel managed very peacefully with his colleagues Angels and he assigned them different tasks of the universe, and since then all Angles are working in perfect Harmony and peace due to excellent managerial skills and Administration of the Peacock angel (Malek Taoos), This is the second part of the story, its First Part is in Quran, The Shaikh Adi Bin Musafir who has longing to reconcile between the Allah and Satan, found comfort and sooth in this story and made part of their secret doctrine, but Shaikh adi's intension was montheism only, it were the ignorant peoples after him who made religions and their laws and customs, as all other religions has undergone metamorphosis, the Yezidism too passed from the process of metamorphosis and it became the heresy of a heresy, because the Sufism is a heresy of Islam. And since because the Yezidis don’t had books with them, due to frequent stripping offs, they had only memory and there was the book of Raz in their memory, the book of Raz is known as Meshefe Ras, and another collection of thoughts is Book of Cilveh, it is the book of Jalwah i.e. the freedom of the Melek Taoos from the sin of Disobedience of Allah SWT, Shaikh Adi Bin Musafir has told the yezidis, that they must follow Sunnah and they Must avoid bida. And the yazidis are advised to keep their Books very secret, and they should not be written down or no body read them except the chosen few.There is nothing wrong if we try to reconcile between our Yazidi brothers and Muslims, after all they are our brothers, who lost in the wilderness in the remote past, if this work of understanding them had carried out in the past, and had the Yazidis not persecuted and excommunicated in the past, then the innocent Dua Khalil may not had died, on 7th April 2007. if the Yazidis were not termed as non Muslims. The Former Sheikhs of Yazidis revere the Malek Taus due to love with Allah, they want to protect Allah’s integrity by making Allah the ever Merciful and all potent and benevolent, the reverence of Peacock angel is extreme pinnacle of Devotional monotheism in their opinions, so the Yazidism is not from the Pagan origins and nor they borrowed ideas from Mithraism and Zoroastrianism, they revere flames and the fire only because it is the symbol of Iblees or Satan i.e., Peacock Angel i.e. Malek Taoos or Taer taus, the Story of Satan Becoming Peacock and Entering the paradise is also in the Body of Islamic Hadiths. the Yazidism is an Offshoot of Sufism, the Yazidis are secret followers of the Sufism and the Sufism is an offshoot of Islam, the Sufism has nothing to do with Islam, the Sufism and its secret books are blasphemous according to Islamic law.The Sunni Muslims Now in modern times have organized in India and Pakistan and in western countries under the banner of Sunni Dawat Islami, and they refer them selves as Ahl Al sunna wa Jamat, or simply Sunni Muslims, they are Mohammedans and Grave worshippers, they are as far from the true teachings of Mohammad PBUH as the present day Christians are from the true message of Jesus Christ, The Christians revere the Christ and the saints, and worship Christ, so they are called Christians, and these Sunnis are called Mohammedans for the same reasons, because they revere Prophet Muhammad PBUH but they are at an enormous distance from the Spirit of his teachings, just as Christians are from The Christ’s, Islam is Millions of Kilometers away from these Sunni Mohammedans. but their common peoples are still innocent because they only know what their clergymen tells them, their clergymen cannot understand any straight thing, they always find twists in that, probably because they have much twisted DNA so they have very little intelligence in their brains. They always explore new deities other than the God, and their expeditions culminated in the form of grave worshipping Muslims of India, There appeared various reformers in Sunni Muslims since last couple of centuries, and these reformist criticized heavily on various religious innovations and due to this criticism there is some improvements in the Sunni Muslims other wise they may have became yet another Yezidi type cult with new names such as Qadris, Chishtis, Naqshabandis, saherwardis, Barelvis, etc, they were quite near to becoming another Yezidi community in the east Asia, and there is already one such community in existence which has became another Yezidis type cult and to which the Muslims have rejected as a non Muslim group, this community is the Sikhs, the Sikhs are one such community in India, There are actually yet another Yezidis in making, because they follow innovations in religion which is not desired by Allah and his Final prophet PBUH, they Sunni Muslim clergymen and common persons even today believe that a certain number of pilgrimages to a Tomb of a sheikh in the city of Ajmer in India is equivalent to One Hajj of makka, and there is a door which is known as Door of paradise, and it is believed that passing through this door qualifies him to enter the paradise. And the call their respected elders and Sufis as Qibla va Kaba, equivalent to the two holy shrines in Makkah and Medina. And they held pilgrimages on the shrines of all Sufis and there is a ceremony of Sandal, in this ceremony they first give a bath to the grave of the sheikh with mixture of Rose water and Zamzam water and the spent water is also revered as sacred among the devotees they often fight each other to get some speck of it, after the bath the grave worshippers and the peoples serving the graves apply a paste of Sandal wood powder and Rose water, ( the Zamzam is a natural spring in Makkah) this embalming of the grave is very similar to the Abhishek ceremony of Hindus of India, the Hindus also perform such ceremony with their Idols in their shrines, first they give bath to the idol with a mixture of water of river Ganga and coconut water and Urine of Cow etc, and after bathing the deity they embalm the Idol with milk, oils, and sandal wood powder paste etc. amazingly the Sunni Muslims and Hindus have many parallels in their religious behaviors and customs, the clergy of Sunni Muslims believes that the dead Sheikhs and Sufis are alive till today, and their help is sought in the prayers, this intercession is called as Wasila, if all the dead Sufis and Sheikhs are alive today then why do they died at first place, why this drama of life and death in front of helpless commoners, the Sunnis are deviated from the true Islam, they are the travelers who have forgot the aim of their business tour, Although the business tour can be very entertaining but it is useless if it does not makes a business for the employer who sponsored it, the aim of life of a Muslim is to restore justice, peace in the society, and this is the business of the traveler, if the Yezidis are devil worshippers then these Sunni Muslims are followers of devil’s agenda, the devils agenda is to deviate the sales men travelers/ Musafir, from their business, then in this respect they are both brothers of each other.WAllah alam bissawab, WAllaho walio

Why the innocent Muslims will continue suffering and Why are our Duaa (Prayers) without Answer?No No No, Not because we does not know the correct method of making Duaa/ prayers, and also not because we does not follow the prescribed and correct procedures of making Duaas, actually the Prayers and the God does not need any formality, even the prayers of an ignorant filthy infidels are being heard and answered, if so, then what happened to us....... We all know that there existed good and bad peoples in the world since ancient times, and the history tells us that the bad peoples gain power and might only due to the laziness of good peoples or due to the neglect on the acts of bad peoples from good peoples, in ancient times if some body misbehaved or did wrong with his neighbor or with any body and if the good peoples neglected him, then that bad person got encouraged and in this way most of the time gains power and might and becomes the chief of the clan, and later the king, the history is the witness, and even today we see in Democratic countries that even the goon attain power and leadership by spreading communal and sectarian hatred and becomes big leaders, and such peoples becomes the master of the government, they show that they are well wishers of the peoples, and to gain the confidence of the common good peoples they do some things good or they do as per the peoples desires, but their nature does not change due to this covering act, this goodness they are just using to make the peoples fool.
Such peoples becomes the masters of the world, in their hands comes the future of the man kind, they are responsible for the black and white of the world, but this does not means that there are no good peoples in the world, the goodness and the badness is in the genes of humans, it is hereditary, good peoples are good by nature, and bad peoples are bad by birth and by nature, it is in genes, it is in heredity, it cannot be learnt, but it can be controlled, but it can be suppressed, but it will survive as a recessive quality.The good peoples are good by birth, good by hereditary, good due to genes, the education and religion cannot make a bad person good, but it can control the badness, it can reduce the harm, it can divert the harm into good work, it can be suppressed by prevailing more goodness than badness, you just cannot finish a disease by killing a bad virus, unless you kill whole species, for example if a whole city is troubled due to mosquitoes then we cannot teach a lesson by hitting and beating to one mosquito, or one rat, one ant, or one cockroach, if rats. Ants and cockroaches are giving troubles, by beating one rat, or an ant, so the badness is in the species, it is in genes, unless we did not strike it out from the roots, it will never stops, and the Evolutionary process it self is sufficient to eliminate the bad peoples from the human race, if the good peoples proved them selves to be good by their good deeds, so what ever we do, it will eventually be the device of the Evolutionary process it self, so the evil and badness in the world today is due to laziness of good peoples, the good peoples were always more in number in the world than bad peoples, good peoples are in majority, the peoples who suffer were always in more numbers, they suffer due to their own laziness, this is in history, there were good peoples who gave sacrifices of their lives, their comforts, their careers, their sons and families, they tried to restore peace and justice in the regions they could control, one such event in the history was the advent of Muslims, the early Muslims gave innumerable sacrifices, and started from a humble village and established world wide empire of Islamic countries, in the countries ruled by Islamic rulers, peace and justice prevailed so much so that even non Muslims preferred to live in Muslim countries, not only preferred but insisted to live in. (see Jewish history.), the Jews were expelled from all over the world, and they only found refuge and comfort in Islamic lands till recently up to 1920.A.D.This miracle was done by divinely inspired last and pure Abrahamic religion, for the first time goodness prevailed and badness was suppressed for a very short time, with the Islam, the Islam is a way of life shown to humans by Allah through his last and final messenger, his name is Muhammad PBUH. Allah SWT gave his guidelines in the Quran, and Muhammad PBUH guided the Muslims by his own acts and deeds, this is known as Hadith, then What the Islam is? The Islam is one of the Systems or Style of Living, or standard procedure of living, for example such as The Democratic System, The Socialistic System, the Communistic System, The Monarchial and Feudal System, but all these systems are from the peoples who did not made this universe, but they had study and observation, but the Islam is from the one who is the Creator of this Universe, who Knows every weakness and power of this universe, the example of Islam is just like the booklet which is supplied to us when we purchase a new machine, a new Electronic device, a mobile phone, or any instrument, then the manufacturer gives instructions and information regarding the safe use of the newly purchased machine, the manufacturer also gives warnings such as the Guarantee will be Null and void if you tamper with the machine or its instructions, etc, and it is understood that if we follow the instructions of the manufacturer, then we will never get problems from that machine, we will get benefits, there will be safety and we can enjoy it, but if we set aside the instructions of the manufacturer, who knows every good and bad of the machine, then it is well understood that, we will surely damage the machine or we will be hurt for sure, and the example of all other systems of the world is like the setting aside and ignoring of the booklet, so in the time of rise of Islam The world witnessed peace and justice after centuries of oppression and anarchy, and this peace was not obtained very easily too, innumerable sacrifices were given by the true Muslims in the past, then we got the present state, after thousands of years the mankind was first time in peace, the messenger PBUH of Allah SWT, gave plenty of instructions to us for maintaining the state of the affairs fairly well, and the Quran also contained instructions for this purpose, the Quran is full of the accounts of the past, and mainly it contained the examples of the Jews, why it contains the accounts of the Jews in Quran, the answer is that it was expected from us to learn lessons from them, when ever there was some bad work by any body, it must be treated by the good peoples, if the good peoples will ignore the bad peoples, then the charge of the bad act will fall on all peoples, sooner or later but it will indeed fall. And what happened now, every body knows, what a Muslim or non Muslim, the Muslims in the world are in great trouble, no body is safe, no Muslim country is safe, the Islam itself is blamed and Muslims are looked down upon, on the other hand the Islam ruled the world from west to east and from the south to north in recent past, the Muslims were the leaders of the world, they were the torch bearers of knowledge, they were the lords of the black and white of the world, but today the tables are turned down, and the Muslims are in miserable conditions, why this? All this is not because of the non Muslims, this all is because of us only, what if now we are not the leaders of the world, what if we are not the pioneers of the power and knowledge, but we may still have existed as civilized nation, as civilized citizens, as good persons, but we ignored the instructions of Allah SWT and his Final prophet PBUH, we ignored the examples of Jews, we ignored the warnings of the prophet PBUH, there are lot of instructions and warnings, but non could effect us, and the result is in front of us now, what we are now?, we are dead, our cities are like grave yards or Qabristan, although the corpses in the cemetery can be in huge quantity, but we cannot make an army out of carcass, they are useless, so we are, there is curse on us from Islam, we neglected it, so Allah SWT neglected us, we are worthless, we are cheaper than the chicken and fish, the world is enjoying on the dinner table, and we are the dogs starring at the pieces of food falling from their tables, we are in a large number in the world, Muslim countries span half of the world land area, but we are like garbage, all peoples knows this situation, instead of helping each other, there are persons in us who cheat, who miss behave, who deceive, who impart injustice, who misuse, who exploit, who betray , who destroy, who abuse, who impart atrocities on Muslims, there are peoples in us who take money for never returning, there are peoples among us who show dreams to us of giving service and abuse us monetarily, bodily, there are peoples among us who did not have sense of talking with the elderly, there are peoples among us who are arrogant, proudly, hypocrite, ignorant, arrogant, oppressive, and hidden infidels, the prominent among such peoples are the peoples who are dormant infidels, dormant atheists, a majority of world Muslim population is dormant atheist, or you say hidden atheists, such peoples have no faith in Islam, they either do not have Islamic knowledge, or they do not believe in the existence of God, they do not fear Allah, they do not have any fear of accountability after death, they are just abusing the Muslims, they are in majority among Muslims, there are Muslim youth who are astray, who flirts with Muslim ladies and makes them prepared and astray too, and these astray girls then flees with non Muslim youths, this is a common sight in every Muslim community, in each city, then how you will expect any virgin wife, the parents hide 99% cases, and who is responsible for these, off course the Muslims only, and our ulamas, and the good peoples,( if they are really good then ), a majority of Muslim population do not care for Islam and Muslims either, they do not have any relation with Islam except that they are offspring of Muslims who died long in the remote past, in short the common Muslim peoples are in a very miserable conditions, they are the target of enemies from inside and from outside, the outside enemies are understandable, but the inside enemies are fatal for us as Muslim umma, and we have the insiders in plenty, the inside enemies are hidden atheists, they show that they are our well wishers, but these peoples deceive us, they cheat, they abuse, they exploit us, they impart harm to Islam by their deeds and words, they show to the world that they are our leaders, that they are the voice of Islam, among them are hidden infidels in the disguise of Islamic scholars, and maolanas, the bad deeds of the Muslim peoples is not over here, I will come on it back after few more lines in this article. Why all this happened? This all happened because of our laziness, because of the laziness of good peoples, the mankind had obtained justice and peace not easily but after great sacrifices and we lost it by our laziness, very easily, what actually happens? why we neglect the bad deeds of peoples?, actually when the other people do bad deeds, the good people think that we are good and this is the business of bad peoples to do bad things, and this is their matter, and we do not have any concern with that, and it will not and it cannot harm us, this is our thinking, and we actually feared from the bad peoples, That’s all, but the final prophet PBUH told that “when peoples will stop correcting the bad deeds of other peoples among them, then Allah will send on them his wrath or curse, on all, the umma will be in great trouble and their prayers will not be answered any more, and they will be mounted by oppressive rulers who will not respect their mosques, they will kill their youths and spare their ladies, “. This is the understanding from the Hadiths of the prophet.PBUH. and this hadeeth came true for us, because we are in a great trouble nowadays, our youths are being killed daily in the name of terrorists by oppressive rulers world wide, our ladies are forced to engage in prostitution, see the news papers or see the police raid reports, the detainees of dance bars are mostly Muslim ladies, and when needy Muslims ask help from Allah and no answer comes from him, is this not the proof of the truth of the Hadith?, if some body misbehaved, if some body treating badly with some one, if somebody imparts atrocities with some one among Muslims, it is our duty to stop him by sufficient means, if we are not doing this then the wrath of Allah will fall on whole of the umma, because we have not only neglected the bad acts of the other person, but we have committed the crime to neglect the orders of Allah SWT, and his final messenger PBUH, we have committed the sin of disobeying the orders of the creator, we have neglected him and his advise, so he has neglected us and our problems, no prayer will be answered, what ever may our needs be, no answer will be given, we will be totally neglected, and for what we are being punished? Because we let others do bad acts, he did bad act, he took amusement, he enjoyed, and we are getting punishment, our innocent children are getting punishment. So please do not think that the bad deeds of other peoples will not effect us, it will effect us, because this universe is a closed system, each and every acts has its counter effect, and the sin of neglecting the orders of Allah and his prophets is biggest, then how can it not have an effect, The Quran tells us that “there should be always a group among us, who should sponsor or order for good deeds and who should disallow bad deeds in among peoples,”. According to the holy Quran. This is a kind of Fardh, it is called as Fardh Kifayah, Where is this group in our peoples? Show me ?, we are billions in the world, we are having half of the world in our disposal, we are having wealthiest of the peoples in the world, but show me a single group of few peoples among us who fulfills the Quranic order of instructing of good deeds and prohibiting of bad deeds?, even the Jews in the time of Jesus PBUH were having such group, and they always have, the Sanhedrin, and why the Quran mentions their accounts in its holy verses?, only because we should learn a lesson from the previous peoples, many groups among us stood and started to reforms and claiming to be “we are this said group”, their intensions were good, they are most well come, but what is the result? but they failed to perform the task, because they could not maintain their ambitions alive, what is the reasons of their failures?, yes they failed all, what they are doing, they are just doing the superfluous work, only dust cleaning type of work, because their concepts are not clear, no productive work, and this work is also of a great worth, in a time of difficulties, it is also a great work, but if it is any work of worth, then what is the result?, is this is the result, what our work produced? the Muslim umma is today on this stage of total destruction, we are seen in the world today as terrorists, our work produced criminals, illiterates, load on the land, we are worth less than chicken, stupid and idiot guys, we are having hidden infidels, hypocrites among us in great quantities, we do not respect each other, we do not have the fear of the day of judgment, we are having arrogant and proudly persons among us, we have millions of unmarried girls who are waiting because of dowry, we are having cheaters among us who cheats the innocent Muslims, liars who cheats Muslim youth by showing them that they will give them services in their schools and institutions, then abuse them, then destroys their lives, their chastity, they destroy their life, We have such peoples that the animals are far more better than them, Darvin erred when he told that the man is son of monkey and apes, he erred, he must have told that the man is son of even miner animals like porks and dogs, the creationists and Mr.Harun Yahya is trying hard to disproove Darvin, but these our Muslims are trying very hard to proove Darvin's Claims, in muslims there are peoples who play with law and the legal system is toy in their hands, they use the legal system as their weapon of revenge and blackmailing and torture against helpless innocent peoples, we are having persons among us who do not care for other Muslims, we are having peoples among us who oppress the innocents, who capture the properties of other peoples by illegal means, who misuse the law, who abuse the law, and we are having peoples among us who are silent viewers, and we are having such peoples who do not have Islamic knowledge, and who do not care for Islamic knowledge, who are arrogant and quarrelsome, who are drinkers and gamblers, thieves and criminals, and the other good peoples are just keeping silence, and the quantities of such persons is increasing daily on exponential scale, this is our condition now, if this is the result then, what is the worth of our reform workers claims, is it not a total failure of the work?, is now the time has not arrived to evaluate the efforts?, We are wasting every opportunity, yes the time has already arrived long before, then why there is no activity and movement among the world wide Muslim umma?, is there any movement? No , no movement, no activity, no disturbance, why ? the answer should be that we are dead, totally dead, long before dead, cool dead, every body dead, not only we are dead, but we are fossilized, we are extinct, because movement and activity is the sign of life, any thing having activity or movement is regarded as live, even the electrical wires are called live, even the engines are called live, but we are not, certainly not live, other wise we may not have reached this destination, what is our condition now, even the stones are costlier than us, what is the value of a Muslim person in world today? Our cities are not cities but they are cemeteries, our communities are not communities but they are grave yards, our peoples are not peoples but they are carcass, As a nation we are dead, as a umma we are dead, as building or as castle we are dead, as a wall we are dead, but as a brick we are still live, as a body we are dead, but as a cell we are live, as a castle or fort, or wall we are dead, but as a brick we are live, we are live as discrete bricks, we are the building blocks, we are the piles of bricks lying near the construction sites, we are bricks lying near the relics of buildings, castles and walls, other peoples are coming near our pile capturing our construction sites and we are just looking from our pile, other peoples are coming and benefiting from our wealth and going and we are silent viewers, we have such god gifted wealth that the whole other countries developed due to trade with us and we are thirsty and hungry, every where in the half of the world land our piles of bricks are lying on ground, the piles contains great quantity of bricks, the piles having big heights, there are treasure in the centre of the piles of bricks, other peoples are coming and benefiting and looting the treasures and fornicating between the piles of bricks and, we are the silent viewers, other peoples are correcting their ways, correcting their life styles, amending their religions by learning from Islam, and we are just bricks, lying on ground, now even other peoples are daring to teach us how to live, but we are bricks, we are happy in being bricks, our castles, our great walls, our great buildings have been fallen to ground long before, but our bricks even did not think to make piles correctly, they are lying on ground as when they fell from the wall, they are lying in the same condition, they do not want to be reconstructed, the evilness and badness of our peoples further deteriorates the condition of the bricks, even our own peoples defecate on these bricks, why today we are in such a state?, because we silently allowed others to do bad deeds, because we think that It is not our concern, because we think that my family and my children are safe, because we think that he is doing bad act with the other person, and because we think that the other person who is the victim is not our brother, we let the oppressor do his business, now the wrath has came on all of us, the effect of a simple bad act of some one other person is now fell on all ummma after magnifications, it is well known in physics that the universe is a closed system, and any act will certainly has its effect, and God is not sleeping, but we are certainly, we are billions in the world but we cannot gather a single penny for our help, if we arrange to gather only one dollar per month from each and every Muslim in the world, then we can eradicate poverty from Muslims within weeks,we can gather billions of dollars per month, we can open schools, we can open manufacturing and processing industries and we can give work to our youths, we can open industries in our communities, we can supply and manufacture daily need items, food items, food processing, and we can open retail shopping malls, supermarkets, and hypermarkets, fair schools, technical institutes, training centers, building construction, international trade, import and export businesses, collective agriculture, etc and we can give employment to our peoples, this can solve our poverty problems within weeks but we are not doing so, on the other hand look at the religious trusts of other peoples, see how they are best using the money the trust receives, for the welfare of their communities, and we are only bricks, we are not walls, we are not buildings, we are not castles and forts, if we were, we may have protected ourselves, we may have saved our selves, the walls can protect, the castle can protect the treasure, the fortification can protect the nation, but the bricks cannot, the building blocks and the building material piles cannot, there are groups among us who claim to be working among us a great work, and what they are doing? They are just polishing the bricks, they are just teaching us to become good looking brick, they are satisfied in present frames, the reformist groups are teaching us how to remain bricks at least, and not become soil, but no body wants to make wall from these bricks. Nobody has the will power, we have land we have all building materials and bricks, we have all construction material and sufficient cement and water but we do not have architects, our reform working groups are doing with good intensions but our disease is big and the medicine given is very little, it is a drop in the ocean of filth, But why I am thinking so, the Muslims of all over the world have ignored the orders of Allah SWT, and his final messenger PBUH, and the wrath of Allah is falling on the whole of umma, if any body is in doubt, regarding the existence of Allah SWT, then I have a huge reservoir for study, I have scientific proof for the existence of God, I have mind boggling proofs copied from internet, in my search and study of the God, there are proof for the correctness of sayings of the final prophet PBUH, there is truth in his teachings and saying, there is proof of truth in his foretelling about the signs of the last days of the world, it is proved that the prophesies of the final prophet PBUH, and the holy Quran came true word by word, the prophesies of prophet regarding the world and the coming of the day of judgment, and signs are all word by word came true I can show the proof, I have copied Data, the prophet PBUH, is mentioned in ancient holy books, I have proofs, the gospel of Barnabas is a miracle, the Quran is a miracle, the Quran and Hadiths are containing Scientific facts, which are proved after 1430 years of their first appearance, they proved by science today, the opponents of Islam are now astonished, and wordless.

Now no enemy of Islam can disprove them, and the enemies are now groundless, now they are totally became mad and started talking immaterial talks, they even carried out terrorist attacks in different parts of the world to accuse Islam, but the Islam is talked more on internet today, we were talking about the present condition of Muslim umma and their state of the art condition, in summary the world wide Muslim umma is dispersed, they are dead as bricks, there is no good results from the reform works which are carried out in them, the condition of Muslim umma is day by day deteriorating, each new day gives one more fatal blow to this dead carcass, there are more harm from the inner hidden enemies than outsiders, the Muslim umma is heading towards destruction word by word as per the prophesies of the final prophet PBUH, this is another proof of the truth of the prophet PBUH, the moral condition of the peoples of the umma are at all time lowest, the worst fate of Muslim umma is inevitable,Our condition is more or less same as the condition of the Jews at the time of appearance of Jesus Christ (PBUH), rather our condition is worst than them, and now any reformer among us will have the very same fate as was of the Jesus Christ, or rather extermination, Jesus Christ(PBUH) critisised the ulamas of the Jews and his society in general, this made the ulamas his enemy, but we should not abandon the hope, so there were some good techniques, and also some guidelines and instructions from the Quran and Hadiths, they are more or less totally neglected since a very long time, and our present situation is the fruit of this neglect, and I came across this neglected orders and instructions quite accidentally, when I was failed in getting the answers of my genuine prayers from Allah SWT, while in the long consequence of my sufferings, I studied Islam in very very detail, and I studied Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Satanism, Theosophy, Skepticism, Gnosticism, Agnosticism, Mediterranian Mythology, Greek Mythology, and Economics, Politics, Science, psychology, etc, and in my studies which span more than 15 years in the search of existence of God, I finally did found God, God found, the Universe is the proof of God, the Origin of Universe is the proof, there are signs in every common thing, look at the insects, read the science, here in the universe each and every thing is complex, not simple, as supposed to be, if it came into being automatically from nothing, I have lot of Stuff Copied from Internet, the Theists and Atheists have a fierce battle on the Internet, the theists are the winners and the Atheists are the looser, because the Atheist’s claims has no good ground, and they have started telling nonsense more often, In fifteen years, I made through study of both the Theists and Atheists and finally found the ground of Atheists baseless, we can study the Christian and Creationists web sites because they and our Islamic web sites are in total agreement up up to the proof of existence of God, we can study them, the Atheists on the other hand tried very Hard to disprove the existence of God but finally they failed, they lost the war on internet, I have a very big collection of all these web sites, also the Quran is proved to be a miracle of God, by modern science, I have web sites copied, the final prophet PBUH is mentioned in all ancient holy books, I have copied proof, even Hindoo sacred books contain him by name PBUH , his sayings, His prophesies, came true in time, Quran is tested in time and still daily it is proving to be correct, I did 15 years of research on Islam and finally found that the Allah SWT exists, he is the God, and only Islam is Correct, then why I am in trouble? Why I am suffering a lot? And why The Whole Muslim Umma is suffering then? Why our prayers are not being answered? Why every body is our enemy? Why The Muslims are in such a Miserable conditions in this World? why the cries of women of Bosnia Herzegovina, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Burma, Palestine, India, China, Africa, America, France, Iraq, Indonesia and many many more countries are not Answered by God?, why the Muslim youth are being killed daily in the name of terrorists? Why the ladies are left lost, why Muslim Girls are among the detainees of brothels, why not a single prayer is being answered, why? My prayers are not answered, that’s all right, but what about the prayers of the mothers of Bosnian youths? God found, but his silence is disturbing, Then I came across the Hadeeth which I mentioned earlier, that “ Your prayers will not be Answered, when you ask help from me I will not send my Help, and this will happen When you will not stop the oppressor from imparting atrocities, when you will not instruct and promote the good deeds and when you will not prevent the bad deeds, then I will send my wrath on you in the present world itself,” more over the Muslims should not think that the consequences of bad acts of other peoples will not reach on their door step or on their thresholds, but it is decreed by God that the consequences of the bad acts of other peoples will surely reach to the threshold of the other peoples who will see all this matter silently, it is warned in Hadiths of the final prophet PBUH very clearly and repeatedly. And there was an accident in my life which attracted my attention on the decree of God, and on a deficiency in my society.
What was that accident, which attracted my attention on this mostly neglected order of God, the incident was as follows, “ There is a person who taking advantage of my short comings, started to give me troubles since last 15 years, first by hurting me and my family by vulgar means, and then by filling a criminal suit against me in local courts, then he started to send my complaints to the place where I was working as Engineer, then my bosses removed me from work, I had no chance to work in industrial area, and because I was the only bread winner of my family that time, so I went to Dubai for work, in this mean time he started to write to the courts that I am absconding, and forced the judges to bring me for trials, he blackmailed the judges by giving them threats to the judges, and in the mean time when I was in Dubai he continued giving mental, psychological and material troubles to my Father, Mother, brother, and Sister and to my wife and children and to every body who had sympathy with me, even he started giving troubles to my relatives and friends who helped me, and when I came back from Dubai, then he pursued the legal suits against me in local courts and he further influenced the judgments by his blackmailing techniques, he blamed the judges, he blamed the public prosecutors, he gathered information madly and restlessly and he misused and abused the law of right of information law, he obtained the information of my wife’s service, then he filed complain in her office that she is not eligible for service and also that she had made her and my sons passport illegally, and he alleged that she traveled abroad and brought illegal money, then he complained to file legal suits under the act of FERA, then he filed against me further more suits, for all these said acts he uses his wife against us, he hypnotize her to file complaints against us, and such he filed against me the legal suit of contempt of court and he filed against me assaulting case on false grounds stating false information, these all law suits consumed lot of time, and lot of money, more over he don’t stop here, but he tells that he will totally destroy us, he will go up to the supreme court, he entangle me in a non stop networks of law suits and cases, this process will never end, he attacks on me from every front, he complaint in Human rights commission, and in women rights commission, in local Democratic courts, and he even has written to the president and to collectors and commissioners too, he is using and abusing every forum against me, he is misusing the law against me, he is doing these type of atrocities against me since last 15 years, he himself being a Dental Doctor and well educated one, he employs such ways that he himself becomes always out of reach of law, he plays with the law as a toy, and uses it as a weapon against me in his frenzy for blackmailing me and for torturing me, further he tried to defame us by distributing bad words on small papers in the city, and when I arranged his meetings with some of good peoples of my locality for conciliation, then he first avoids the meetings, then if forced to come then postpones the meeting at the moment, by the intension of lowering the attendance of good peoples in the meeting, as you know that other peoples have little interest and more often limited time in such matters, so they lose interest by his frequent adjourning, and even if I succeeds in arranging one meeting, then he put such a vulgar condition, that nobody can fulfill it, many times this has happened, and all this was happening in front of my neighbors, and relatives and friends, but every body was helpless, no body could help me, all peoples were silent viewers only, there are several reasons for this helplessness, first reason was the illiteracy of our Muslim umma, the second reason was the fear of my enemy, that if my friends will help me then my enemy can make problems for them too, people fear him, the third reason was indifference in Muslim umma, the fourth reason was the lack of Islamic sprit, the fifth reason is that the neglect of the basic and important orders of Allah SWT and his prophet PBUH, the sixth reason is the absence of a body of living Muslims, and the seventh reason was the negligence and neglect of other’s bad acts by the majority of Muslim population, and because this person, my enemy is well educated manic and mentally and psychologically sick, schizophrenic, and nobody can prove his sickness, these are the reasons of not helping me, and I also found out the reasons of my sufferings.the Most Important reason of my long journey of sufferings, I thought was the Lack of existence of a living Muslim Body, I will explain it, by Living body of Muslims I mean, Any local group of some responsible and effective Muslims, who can be contacted in the event of small problems of Muslims, and who can force the common Muslim members to obey what is the decision of this group collectively, .if it were in existence then most of the innocent Muslims could be relieved from oppressions of the fanatic and manic abusive persons like the one I came across, This type of local group is totally absent; this is my finding, after 15 years of study I found this short coming in our community of Muslims. This incident provided me an opportunity to rethink on the Islam and the Muslims. The 15 year time was fairly long for evaluation and thinking. I believe that God has always produced the medicines if he had produced the illnesses. And for the illness of society we have good treatments in Islam. Now what I suggest that If there were a group of some pious, effective, powerful, and trusted Muslims in the city, who are respected by Muslims, and who can be contacted in the time of need for the disposal of small conflicts between the members of Muslim community in the city, and they should have power to give small punishments to the guilty and they should have power to excommunicate the person who will not obey their decision, you are getting my point, I mean we Muslim should have such type of small trusted group among us to solve small matters before we go to the local courts then , I think most of our problems can be resolved before we actually knock the door of the Government courts, and we have instructions in Quran and Hadiths to form such groups but we are in a deep fatal sleep, even Sikhs have this type of tribunal, the Jews had Sanhedrin, but we Muslims are like the wild animals, we do not have any Murshad, the wild animals kill each other and other animal never bother, this is our example, we are lower than the Sikhs and Jews, how the help will come to us when we ourselves do not use our brains, it is not very hard to do, even the Sikhs can do, what a shame, I am not telling that we should make a parallel court against government, I am simply telling that we as a Muslim umma should have our leader in each our locality, in each Mohalla we should respect a single pious man, and we should elect him from among us from each local area or Mohalla a trusted man, and all such trusted and elected men should select a head from each city or town, such as we select our leader of the municipality, now I am further suggesting that all the trusted men can select a head trusted man from a city or town, and all the Muslims should have binding to obey this selected and trusted man, this head of town of Muslim should have power to make decisions in small matters of Muslims, this Muslim head should have power to excommunicate the guilty person, and we Muslims should obey him as our arbitrator in our small matters of minor conflicts, property cases, divorce and marriage, small disputes of fighting, and the local community Imams are in better position to evaluate and judge in the matters of the persons residing in the same area than the government court judges sitting in distant places, the local imams can know the behavior of the both the opponent parties, and according to the knowledge of the past behavior they can make arbitrary decisions, and the government law courts do not consider the behaviors of the parties, and we can convince the government that it can help in bringing law and order and it also can relieve the government courts of over flooding with small matters less than murder, etc, and we also can convince the government to accept or consider the decisions and observation of our imam as a preliminary proof in further court proceedings, this is not difficult, in this way the Muslims had an opportunity to elect good person as their imam in each locality, in each village, in each town and in each district and in each state, the local imams could have elected their central imam , this is not a new concept, actually it was in Islam, the Muslims are supposed to make a Imam in every community, without Imam there is no concept of Muslim community in Islam, Even three Muslims are supposed to make one person their Imam, and it is mandatory in Islam to Obey the Imam, this is not a hidden fact, but it is the most neglected one, isn’t it, we are very huge numbers in the world but we do not have any Imam, is it not strange, after the caliphate, the Muslims had emperors and kings as their Imams, but after the advent of democracy and modern government the Muslims have no Imam, this is the problem, If Muslims had Imam, he may have intervened in the affairs and disputes of Muslims as a caliph, his decision may have accepted as an arbitrator, and most of the disputes such as in my case mentioned above, I may not have incurred the suffering, and the tone of sufferings may not have reached to such an fantasy of a fanatic and crazy schizophrenic manic man, who acts in his frenzy and other peoples are only looking silently as when the butcher kills a chicken, the other chicken looks it silently. If we had heartily relations with each others, this couldn’t have happened, Muslims are brothers, our prophet PBUH told, but what are our deeds. Just opposite.In present law set up any man can abuse the local law and make problems to virtually any body, as this man is doing with me, and not only I, many other innocent Muslims may be victim of such torments, and it is not strange that one day you and your children may be victim of some body abusive, just wait and see, and the only way to put a full stop on the activities of such a fanatic man is the existence of an arbitrator, for Muslim community, and the Khalifa (Caliphs) in Islam was for this purpose, and I suggest for Muslims that it is very necessary to have an Imam, and in the present world wide conditions of Muslims it is very essential for Muslims to have one as early as possible. Because only & only the Muslim Imam or caliph can restore peace and justice among Muslims in future.For your knowledge, this concept is not unique and strange, actually it was practiced in the past as Peer or Murshad, and their Bayet taking ceremony, in the peeri mureedi system the Murshad is a guide he is called as Sheikh, and the mureed is the learner, the mureed is asked to take bayet on the hand of murshad, and supposed to obey him very strictly, this system was very good, because the murshad gives instructions to the mureeds and the mureed follows them, and the murshad guides him for following the path of Islam, this system remained mostly very private and confined among the Sufis, and it is finally abandoned by the majority Muslims, due to its misuse by abusive murshads, and due to lack of interest of Muslims in Islam in general, but this system was very good and it was practiced by the final prophet also PBUH, and now I am not advocate of this system but if this system were in operation in Muslims at least then also most of problems might have been prevented, but this system is abandoned in 1930’s, but we can revive it for the sake of saving innocent Muslims suffering atrocities from Muslim fanatics, the sufferings not only troubles innocent persons but it can fade off the faith in the Allah SWT, and it can shake the faith and it can remove the blessings of Allah SWT from Muslim umma, and it can be the reason of the wrath of Allah SWT, when the prayers are never answered, when oppressive rulers will mount on our necks,. This is understood from the Hadiths and there is no doubt. And the reason of going astray silently of the majority of Muslim peoples today is this injustice and the lack of justice providers inside Muslim umma.and also it is the cause of misunderstanding among Muslims regarding the Islam and Allah SWT. The misfortune of Muslim umma is the negligence and indifference to the orders of Allah SWT, this is we and our laziness which has brought great sufferings on us and a bad time for Muslim umma, the early Muslims had obtained peace and justice by their sacrifices and we consumed them by our laziness, now if we are getting punishments then it is justified, because we are guilty of destroying the sacrifices of innocent real Muslims, and unless we will not revert back to Islam’s most neglected order, we will not be saved from present state of condition, even the Qadyani and Bohri peoples are having their Imams, they bring their minor disputes to their imams and their imams resolves their problems, this system has given to them many opportunities for peaceful life, and growth and developments, they gather one Dollar per person per month and utilize this gathered fund for the well fare of their members, they do not have need to spread their hands in front of other peoples for help, but we have spreading our both hands in front of others and we are not getting even the alms properly, even Hindoos are began to adopt such systems in the name of kulguru, and even the panchayat system was adopted by the Hindoos in the past, only we are left behind the entire world, we who were the pioneers of the mankind once upon a time. Now peoples will say that OK we are ready for such system but the other Muslims are not united, this is the major problem in Muslims, and this is the most dangerous hidden enemy of Muslims and Islam in general, but as I told there is no problem for which there is no remedy, yes there is remedy for this too, but we need here the will power of our learned degree holder Ulama, now if we tell this then the Ulama reply that we are trying and we tried too but it is the responsibility of the common peoples, and the ulama shows proofs from Quran and Hadiths in support of their defense, but here I want to say that even if it is the sole responsibility of the common peoples even as per the Quran and Hadiths as proved by Ulama, the Ulama should now take the initiative to restore the forgotten system of Islam for the sake of innocent children, and here the ulama should not forget the famous Hadeeth of the final prophet PBUH which states a story of travelers of a multi story ship and the inmates of the lower compartment needed water and they asked it to the top inmates but the toppers did not gave them water then the lower compartment inmates drilled a hole in the ship wall for obtaining the water and the top inmates were the silent viewers, this act of the lower inmates was the cause of sinking of the whole ship. Now the picture of present Islam is not very different from this example and today the Titanic ship of Islam is nearly submerged, here comes the problem of our differentiation, we were told to integrate but we are differentiated, Islam is very clear and very simple, the Quran is very very clear and very obvious and simple, the Hadiths are very clear and very simple, all these do not have any hidden meanings at all, what ever is there it is clearly apparent, the Quran is pure message of God, the Hadiths are the genuine acts and deeds of the final prophet PBUH, and we Muslims are supposed to behave according to this two only, namely the Quran and Hadiths.(THAQLAIN), no other religion is so simpler than Islam is, but it were we who saw hidden meanings in Quran and Hadiths, it were we who interpreted the Hadiths and Quran in such a way that was not desired by Allah and his messenger PBUH, and it were we who produced multiple concepts and it were we who twisted the meanings of Quran and Hadiths, it were we who squeezed out the meanings of Quran and Hadiths which were even not in the mind of God and his messenger ever, and this leads to different sects of Islam, and our Ulama were the silent viewers of this act, and it is the negligence of our ulama which gave an opportunity to such sects to flourish, and today these sects are the main hurdle in the way of flow of pure water of Islam, now the mankind is thirsty and the water of Islam is rotting in these hurdles and swamps of sects, on the other hand non Muslim mankind is quenching it’s thirst by other contaminated waters, and when the mankind comes near Islam after much hearing of its cry of purity, it rejects the Islam either due to its staleness, because the purity of Islam is converted in staleness due to these superfluous sects in Islam, and here the Ulamas are responsible for this, not the common peoples, because it is the Ulama who can do some thing, it is the Ulama who are heirs of the prophet hood, and not the common peoples, and it is the duty of the heirs to protect the crown, isn’t it, it is the Ulama who should unite first, for the sake of Islam, the ulama should make a clear declarations of their beliefs and then on this criteria the ulama should unite either in the Islamic Camp and the un Islamic Camp, the Ulama in un Islamic Camp will have multiple meanings of Islam squeezed out forcefully against the will of God, now the ulama of Islamic Camp should not think that this will cause the present Muslims to divide further, but it will be for the better of Muslims that such sects should be regarded un Islamic and they should be purged from Islam and Muslims, what ever will happen it will always for the better of Islam and Muslims, and my claim is not baseless, it was practiced by the final prophet PBUH, when he was in Madeena, and when Islam needed the enrollment of new Muslims very eagerly, in such a difficult times of attacking of enemies on tiny Muslim community of Madeena, the prophet PBUH clearly purged the Hypocrites from Islam, and the Quran clearly and Ironically purged the hypocrites ( Munafiqs) from Islam, is this not proof, that the Islam not ceased in that difficult times, so how can it will cease to exists Now when there are billions of Muslims, and the meaning of Islam is submission to the will of God, and Muslims are submitters to the will of God, if any body squeezes out different meanings in Islam and who acts against the will of God then he is not Muslim by very definition of Islam, and actually now we need this purgative action if we are really serious about the future of Islam and innocent Muslims, and who is the most potent to do this than the Ulama, this is the job of the Ulama only, the common peoples are the obeyer only, if they are not obeying then they are not from among us, now the ulama must unite, they must enlist the beliefs then they must force others to unite under the common creed, then are the common peoples who will obey, there is no choice to them, the common peoples are the peoples who are ready to obey any nonsense, who have always obeyed what their ulamas has told them, even non sense, isn’t it? Then why they will not obey the pure and bright ideas of Islam? Did you ever try? Other wise the others will try….. What a Shame………..And who are our life style shapers, the barbers and tailors? and the Dee Jay’s?, and our ulamas are not even aware of, the tailors are shaping the appearances of our girls more and more explicit, the tailors are designing the dresses of Muslim girls such that they are looking more hot and attractive in dresses than nude, the tailors are making the Burqa/veil more and more attractive, and parents are giving more and more aphrodisiac names to their daughters, and our astray Muslim youth are writing the names of each and every Muslim girl on their taxies and, and our ulamas are not even aware. Is this the life or death of a community, you decide.Each and every living society has a think tank and watch dog type of organization, but we Muslims do not have a single in the whole universe, this is a sign of our death, & fossilization & petrifaction, and probably this article is a kind of death song /marsia. Of Muslim ummah.(Community).This was my thinking in my long journey of sufferings, and this was my conclusion and these were the lessons of Islam, which Allah wanted to teach me, I paid a awesome fees of long sufferings for obtaining this knowledge, I knew the importance of an Arbitrator or Imam or Caliph or say Murshad, and I knew how away we have been from true Islam and I knew what is the punishment of disobeying and ignoring the orders of Allah SWT and his messenger PBUH in this world, and what it will be in the hell. If the Muslim had paid attention to the instructions and warnings in Quran and Hadiths then this situation may have not arrived, and there may not had me to write this la blab blas, and this is also the cause of sufferings of billions of Muslims like me, this is the cause of unanswered prayers, I remember I read, once Zainab bint jahash asked to the final prophet PBUH, “will we be destroyed even if we have good men among us,” then the prophet replied, “yes, if the badness prevails among you,” Why our youths do not form clubs to support common Muslims in each area they live in, instead they form friendship clubs for amusement and for political objectives, why this idea did not ever strike in any body’s mind to form such clubs for helping needy Muslims of their area, why our youths can’t form Islamic help and justice camps, why we do not form an NGO for helping local area Muslims, by providing them immediate help, justice and education, the answer is that the thinking for good is not in our genes, we don’t have welfare genes, we are bad peoples by nature, goodness is not in our chromosomes, in our heredity, welfare ness is not in our genes, we can’t think for the welfare of other needy Muslims, even we do not have proper seating arrangement in our public places, even we can’t not make (Wazdu) water taps in mosques comfortable, it is reflected in our daily activities, the Hadiths of the final prophet PBUH states that, “There will be worst peoples living in the world near the end times.” Then, are we not living in the End of the Times? And if you don’t believe me, then read the Hadiths of the final prophet PBUH regarding the Signs of the Hour, or the Signs of End Times, and when if you find the Muslim umma is the Target of the Evolutionary process, then be alarmed, it is the sign that we are among the bad peoples, because this process targets only bad ones, I am not an advocate of this Theory of Evolution, but this theory is not the private property of Charles Darwin, and such are the Newtonian laws of gravity, they are the processes made by Allah SWT, they were in operation since billions of years before the Darwin ever born, Darwin only identified this phenomenon, this process was initiated by Allah SWT by his involvement, Allah SWT created the species, and he is using this process still today, and this process has the capability of eliminating unfit peoples from the rest of the human race, this process had eliminated all other unfit species of living organisms and had made them extinct and fossils, are we not the target of this process nowadays?, are we not fossilized nowadays? Beware this process can eliminate us, if we still not proved ourselves to be good and fit peoples. All the signs are against us, even we are unfit in the light of Hadiths and Quran, and even we are unfit and defeated in front of this present world set up, aren’t we? If we want to escape from this process then It is the duty of our Good men, and of our Ulamas to take an initiative to try to induce in Muslims the sprit of obeying to Allah SWT, by reading the Quran and Hadiths, and forming alliance by nominating one Imam, who should look after small disputes of Muslims and he should resolve them as an arbitrator, if we are not doing this then this will be the cause of going astray millions of Muslims, they will become silent infidels, hidden infidels, hypocrites, Muslim atheists, and billions of innocent sufferers.If you find yourself Gifted with best intelligence, good health and organs, best job and career, beautiful wife; best business, best farms and lands, best luck of your sons and daughters, best standard of life, best prospects of your future, then be cautioned, because Allah SWT has provided you all the means to thank him, not by lip service, but by using your brain, by doing good deeds, and you should remember that he will ask the gifted ones very strictly. You are under microscope. If you prove yourself fit by your good deeds of supporting Muslim umma by forming common alliance under a local imam, then the bad peoples will automatically come under the shadow of the evolutionary process, and will be eliminated one by one. Other wise at present we are under its haunted shadow. Now we have to decide, where we want to keep our future generations. Look each and every order of Allah SWT for Muslims has collective bearings; if it is separated from its roots then it is either useless or waste, if you believe not then see why yesterday our fathers were lords of the earth, emperors and kings, and today their sons and daughters are reduced to slaves and concubines, think who is responsible for this?, the deeds of our fathers is responsible for this, they left us in our present situation, and we are making this condition even worst by our deeds for our next generation. Should we not do good deeds even now? If we are doing nothing, then look ignoring even a minor disease can be fatal for our body, if we do nothing then the disease will spread uncontrollably and it can cause death, even a worthless bacterium can cause death, idleness, negligence, ignorance, and responsivelessness is mother of destruction and it is sign of death, a living body responses to a minor mosquito bite, but our Muslim umma remained responsive less for a millennium of fatal kicks, our example is like a journey in which muslim umma and other peoples were in a common journey, each one was traveling with the means that it has, some were traveling on bare foot, some other were riding on horse, donkeys, bullock carts, pigs, and dogs, and some crawling, and we muslim umma were riding in a shiny car, we were ahead, every other person was looking at us with astonishingly, all peoples and nations were behind us, then there occurred some problem in our car, we didn’t got it repaired in time, we just ignored it as usual, then after traveling unto just near the destination our car stopped, even then instead of repairing it our passengers and drivers started blaming and allegation each other, quarrelling and fighting, looting each other, deceiving each other, even some of our passengers started dismantling the car and started selling its spare parts!, then even the bullock cart riders over take us, the bare footed crawling peoples over take us, they left us far behind, hundreds of kilometers behind them!, and even now we are not ready to open our eyes to see that our car has been rusted long before, it has been divided in rusty spare parts, then how we will reach the destination? Surely we will never reach, unless we will not unite all spare parts and assemble them in the chassis, and select a good driver, we have very good straight road as the way in front of us, we have the street lights, we have fuel, we have a car, and no other peoples have car, but in spite of having all this we are stopped since centuries, the way is Islam, the street lights is Quran and Hadiths, the fuel is our god gifted countries and wealth, and the car is our Jamaat, but our drivers are dead, our car mechanics are dead, our road is branched, and our passengers are fighting each other, then why should not the bare footed peoples, and the bullock cart riders, the donkey riders and the dog riders should not by pass us, why should they not over take us, now even they are teaching us the etiquettes of successful journey, Art of Living, in such a situation any body who has common sense has duty on his shoulders to become the car mechanic, and car driver, he should repair the car and he should drive the car, and the ulamas has this responsibility on their shoulders, if ulamas are not able then the good peoples of muslim umma should take an initiative, we are very near to our destination, the destination was waiting for us only, but other people reached the destination and we remained, the other people who were not deserving, the other people who’s gods even think their country to be the universe, the other peoples who believe animals to be superior to humans, The world has plenty of opportunities, plenty of food, plenty of fuel and energy resources, plenty of land, and plenty of minerals and chemicals, but every thing is being sold very costly, because of the ignorance of common peoples and greed of the traders and manufactures and entrepreneurs, actually every thing which is sold in the market is ten times or even twenty times lower in actual price, the real value of the commodity is very less, even very insignificant technologies are kept hidden from the common public, for example the heating element of electric Iron for cloths, it works on undesirable property of metals, when electric current is allowed to pass from the metal it gets hot, this property is used in electric Irons, there is nothing special in the Irons, in spite of this fact the Irons are being sold nowadays at very elevated prices, at about a months salary of a labor, why this, because the common peoples are kept in ignorance about its technology, and the manufacturers sits in A/c cabins, fly over seas, live in castle like bungalows, eat in five star hotels, play golf and held meetings in floating boats (cruise) in seas, advertise with big hoardings and costly film stars, held marriages in stadiums, enjoys world tours, and gather a hell of wealth in Swiss banks, etc, and all this expenditure comes from the pocket of helpless consumer, the entrepreneur is not spending from his profit, and in such a time of economic exploitation and economic feudalism, should we muslim fight each other or not? Should we cooperate each other or not? We should cooperate each other if we are not animals, even animals cooperate in symbiosis, Should our rusty car need a driver or not?, or should we abandon our car?. If Fruits and Almonds are not picked up and consumed by men, from a garden or farm, then monkeys will eat them all, and the sons of men will be hungry even for a dry bread, and what happened now actually with muslim umma, the land of god is full of treasure, others are looting and we are hungry, it is we, due to whom the others are united and prosperous, other wise they may have fight each other, because they have more differences in themselves. The Quran and Hadiths orders us to maintain justice in our deeds, to establish peace and justice in the land, to lead a peace full just society of living members, having one imam, one sir = head, and Islam asks the Muslims to obey the imam, but we are headless, even the villagers have sir panch,!We as united Muslim umma can do very good constructive work, because we are in a very huge quantity, we can spend a Dollar per month for Islam, we expend daily on cigarettes, and on CDs, and eating Kentucky, KFc, and Mc Donald’s, Star Bucks, dunking Donuts, Baskin Robins etc, and the expenditures in marriages, and other show off’s, and on jewelry and cosmetics, on fashions, Giorgio Armani, pier Cardin, Haute couture, and accessories. and on house decoration, Italian furniture, parquet’s, and curtains, and on cars and bikes and cell phones, and in water sports, and playing golf, and in tours and travels, desert bikes, yachts, birth day cakes, and show off’s, internet and chatting, clubs and amusement, and other non sense, so is it difficult to spend for Islam a Dollar per month per person, then what we need, we need only dedicated Muslim leaders only, and who can be the better dedicated Muslim leader than their elected Imam. The characteristics of the elected Imam should be that He must be pious man, having Islamic knowledge and of good moral character and he should be from a family of persons of good moral character because the characteristics are in genes, we cannot change hereditary characteristics, so what we can do, we can elect and select good peoples, that’s all, there are many things to say, but in this article it is enough I think, we will discuss the other details of solving the problems of Muslim umma on another and proper occasion. But one thing which can always be remembered, that is we should apply our whole energy to maintain the state of control of goodness over badness or evil, because it is biggest sin to loose control of goodness after it was once established, the Quran mentioned this too, and because we cannot finish the wicked persons by giving them punishments, because the wickedness and goodness these both are in the genes, the most we can do is to maintain the state of control of goodness, to keep the wicked in limits, to put reins on the evil. And on the other hand laziness and negligence of good peoples will put reins on the good peoples otherwise. Although we could not discussed other aspects of the conditions of Muslim umma, their problems, their sufferings, their needs and their requirements are innumerable, just read the problem columns in any Muslim social magazines, you will see how much the Muslim umma is passing through this miserable phase, and how fast it is necessary to help them, but with this discussion you may have understand the importance of maintaining the state of control of goodness, why we should try to maintain the goodness, once it is established, and it is warned in the Quran, “not to loose control of goodness, once it is established”, and if it is lost, then why should we not try to establish it again? and you may have some glimpse up to now of why the Muslim umma is in troubles at present, and you may deduce from this that up to how long the umma will be remain in this state, because according to the second law of thermodynamics which is called as entropy law, the things are heading towards disorder and chaos with each passing second, and you know very well that once darkness prevailed we need not to spend energy to keep the environment dark, it will remain dark of it’s own, but if you want some light, then you have to spend energy, you must burn oil, fuel, wax candle, you have to spend electricity in order to maintain light, even if it be a very small area, a small spark needs energy, but on the other hand for the darkness we need nothing to keep it dark, the wickedness, the evil and the badness are darkness, they are always regarded as darkness in every culture, in every religions, and goodness is the light, the Quran and the Hadiths regard the Goodness and Islam as the Light, also you saw here, in order to maintain light we must spend energy, and to maintain darkness we need only laziness, we have to do nothing, we have to neglect the surroundings, the darkness will prevail of it’s own, this is entropy law, Now when we expect peace, when we expect good behavior, when we expect every thing all right, when we want every thing must go smoothly with us, then we should overcome the entropy, we should exert a force against it, we should spend some energy to keep entropy away, now if the Muslim umma is in trouble, now if innocent Muslims are suffering, now if there are innumerable problems in umma, then this condition of umma is due to entropy, and the entropy will remain as it is, of it’s own, and if we did not do some thing against it, it will prevail fore ever, and now this is the importance of maintaining the state of goodness, once it is established, the Quran and the Hadiths had warned us very well, but we neglected the very warnings, we committed the great sin of neglecting to stop bad peoples doing bad deeds among us, we neglected the same thing which was the most feared one, we did not made some body our Imam, our arbitrator, we failed to be united, we squeezed out such meanings of Quran and Hadiths that even the God did not had thought about them, we are lower than the Sikhs and the Jews, but we should not give off the hope, because we have still some time, before the sun rises from the west (Sign of Qayamat), Now the choice is yours, the ball is in your court. We can give a safe environment to our innocent children and generations of future, otherwise they will be in a swamp of torment.For our own problems, why should we knock the doors of other peoples, we should solve our problems, but our world wide Muslim Umma and their Ulamas has proved to be very worthless guys, we never solved our problems, when they were still very simple to solve, and when they became more complicated and malignant, then our Umma started crying along with our useless Ulamas, when the things were simpler and easy to control, then we should have had done some thing, for the problems of Muslims all over the world, only we Muslims are responsible, we should not blame the others, we should not blame our enemies, if any disease or epidemic breaks out in the city, then the government does not blames the bacteria and viruses, but it blames our poor hygienic condition and to the health department workers, and who are our health department workers of Islam, they are our Ulamas and who else, When the problems were under our control, at this time we did nothing, we had the control of whole world in our hands, we had the Philosopher’s Stone in our one hand and the Sword of Solomon in other, we had the lordship of the world and the flag bearing of the knowledge, we had the formula of gun powder, the gun powder was the atomic bomb of the past, but we lost it, we became slaves by our own ammunitions, this was the punishment of our laziness, and now at present we again are not learning from our history any lesson, why, because we do not have a living body guard, we as separate peoples are like the balls of a bearing, without a ring, spread all over the land, we know our past, we know our condition but we can not do any thing, because we do not have a central active and living body in us, he should have our Caliph, we really miss him. Today there are thousands and thousands of needy Muslims in the world, and the land of Allah is full of food and every thing, it is overflowing, and we Muslims have plenty of world land Empty in our countries, but we are not giving shelter to our needy brothers in our Muslim countries, the Sudan has land area approximately equal to India, and it has total national population only 13 millions, but the Palestinians and all other needy Muslims are dying by the hands of enemies all over the world but we are not allotting any piece of land to these needy Muslims, instead non Muslims in southern Sudan are capturing the half of the southern Sudan!, and this is not the story of Sudan alone, but each and every Muslim country has the same story, The gifted Muslim countries are busy in constructing buildings and infra structure such as roads and housing projects oil and gas projects, and leasing them to the wealthy persons of any nationalities, selling them in the name of Free Hold property, and one day the others will be the owners of all these and the Muslims will rub the hands. The need of the time was that the Muslim countries should have called the needy Muslims from each and every corner of the earth, and they should have allotted them their barren lands, then the needy Muslims might have developed industries and trade and services, this might have benefited the rich Muslim countries, but the picture is totally inverse today, the non Muslims are benefiting from the resources of Muslim countries and the needy Muslims are rotting in the non Muslim countries, even some non Muslim countries have erected huge economies on the earnings from the wealthy Muslim countries, Allah SWT will surely ask about this misuse from the mighty Muslims, then be ready for the Day of judgment, And on the other hand we Muslims has no guidance from our Ulamas, we do not have time for learning by our own either, instead we have negative guidance from our Ulamas who are really our enemies, they are the servants of our enemies without pay, if they understand. All these problems arise because the human beings choose to live in societies, we started living in groups and we made villages and cities, the benefit of living in societies was the convenience of daily need items, safety from wild animals and ease of relations with relatives, but the disadvantages of living in societies is the compromise and acceptance of the supremacy of the others, but by nominating one chief or leader or sheikh of the community this problem was solved peacefully, and with the passage of time the post of the chief of the community became hereditary, and most often it was being acquired by violent means, but still this post of chief gave to the common peoples some sort of justice, even the stories of ancients contain Robin Hood, but we can’t think of him, we Muslims are even more feral than this primitive community, because we still do not have any Imam, in spite of the Islamic requirements. This is the tone of our obedience, and then why should be our Prayers will be Answered. Are we very lovely to god, even the Jews are still better than us, because as soon as the state of Israel was established in 1948, they called each and every Jew from every nook and corner of the earth to come and settle in the newly formed homeland, and on the other hand we are, there are millions of needy Muslims rotting in the countries of enemies and we have half the land of the earth in our disposal but we are not giving an inch of mud to a needy Muslim. But they can sell land to non Muslims in Free Hold.The disobediences of orders of Allah SWT and his Final messenger PBUH has been committed by each and every class of Muslim community, the ignorant common peoples have committed it out of their ignorance and this type of disobediences could have been stopped by Ulamas within time, but they did not did that time, There is plenty of evidence of the disobediences committed by Ulamas even, the numerous sects in Islam is the living evidence of disobediences of Ulama e Karam, and present miserable state of the Umma is another, there is a Hadith of Tirmidhi, it states that, " The Prophet PBUH told that, If any body tells some thing in the matter of commentary of Quran, then he erred, even if he is right in his opinion",. This Hadith is known to each and every Aalim/Ulama, but you will find hundreds of commentaries of Quran in the world after hearing this Hadith!, is this not a clear proof of disobedience of our Ulama E Karams, then why to blame the common public. and how you will reach on correct destination by following the guidance of these erred peoples, who them selves are not on correct way either. then how their guidance will be successful for you.Our Ulamas are now gaining prestige, by public appearing, by decorative speeches, by being coming under the shadow of political parties, by patronage by the prestigious peoples, and the patronage of huge mob of Muslim umma and their support by wealth, and due to changing economic condition of Muslim umma in general, but the quality of the ulamas is not good, in material meaning, because the quality of any commodity is depends upon the material from which it was manufactured, in short the quality of raw materials is reflected in the final product, if the raw material used is of good quality, then the final product is also of good quality, it is fact. since last 500 years the Muslim umma is in trouble and our no body is able to handle the situation, is the indication of the quality of our every body, our brilliant children are chosen and sent to schools and collages to become Engineers and Doctors and the leftover and mentally retarded type of children are sent to madarsas to become the future ulamas, imams and caliphs, what a joke with God. Unless our brilliant peoples will not rise and take over the task in their hands, the situation of Muslims will never change. It needs not to be a degree holder from madarsa, to become a flag holder of Islam, it is the sunnat/style of God, that if you will not do his work, then he will get his work done from others,….I heard this many times from the same Ulamas……And it is the time for the others to come and hold the flag of Islam from the hands of helpless incompetent peoples. Unless this happens not, the caliph of Muslim will not arise, the Mahdi will not arise. And the prayers will not be answered too.Then who will do the necessary work of restoring justice in society, there are peoples who work and live in remote areas, there are people who work as private employees in factories, their morning starts with the first ray of sun and who return at home with the sky full of stars, and there are peoples who have businesses, shops and cafeterias and they are busy every day throughout the year, on the other side there are peoples who are in service, either government or private, their scope is very limited, and there are students who must concentrate on studies, and more over all these peoples have a very low standards of knowledge nowadays, they are substandard peoples in every walk of life, they do not have enough time for Islamic studies, because the day is not sufficient for them to meet their earnings, so they have to work late in the evenings, and they must work every day, without weekly off’s, then who are left for the very very important work, of restoring justice in the society, they are Ulamas only, now the Ulamas must unite, and they must forget the differences among them, and they must select and elect one and only one noble person as their Imam, other wise the world wide governments are planning to put reins on the liberty of the Ulamas too, but the Ulamas are not understanding, this reins is in the form of government help to the Islamic madarsas, it is in the form of reforms in the madarsas and it is in the form of grants and recognition.
There is no other work so important to extinguish the fire if your home is burning; the first priority should be to strive for extinguishing of the fire, and not to go for purchasing new curtains for your home, but look at ourselves, what we are doing, we are expending in marriages, birth days, and celebrating the exam passed children, our retired persons are becoming Hajjaholics and Umra holics, doing multiple Hajjs and Umras, they are Hajjadicts, they love poetry and so Mushaeraddicts, conferancaddics,.etc.Building houses, getting good jobs, engagements and marriages, doing better businesses, is not desired from the peoples who are living on the falling cliff, the first priority for them should be to save themselves, but we are unaware of the situation, and this is because of the low intelligence of our leaders, the leaders may be spiritual or political, we are like a buffalo, who lives in a farm eats grass and gives milk in the evening and spends whole life in the farm, there is no aim of itself, and for herself, and there are few peoples among us, their life cycle is just like rich man’s dog, they gets what they want, they eat good food, they sleep on soft sofas, they travel in A/c cars, and other dogs look at them with saliva in mouth,. This is not life, the life of a Muslim is with Aims and the Aim of a Muslim is to restore and maintain peace and justice in the society, for this he must strive, for this he should live and for this he should die, and who will do this, the common peoples must support and obey the God, and the noble good Muslim should take initiative. there are millions of leaves on trees but very few fruits, these millions of leaves are necessary for the few fruits, some trees grow and take years to attain fruits, once in their life time, after flowering and bearing fruits these trees dies off, for their whole life they bear leaves, they bear harsh climates and they gave shelter to various birds and insects, only to bear fruits once in their life time, after this they will die, now what is the aim of the leaves of these trees?, and what is the aim in sustaining harsh climatic situations, and giving shelter to birds and insects, the Aim is their fruit, although once in the life. And what is the Aim of a Noble good Muslim, and what is the aim of millions of common Muslims, you can imagine. The common Muslims working day and night are like leaves of a huge tree, each and every leaf is necessary and the fruit is the must, without fruit the life of that tree is worthless, the vitamins and minerals from the soil and the water, the air and the sun light and the space given to the tree and the precious years passed by that tree are all useless, the other people will enjoy and celebrate the life and such trees will be kept in the lawns and along road sides, and when die, nobody will be sad, electric hacksaws and modern machinery will be used to cut them in pieces and soon there will be no remembrance of you at all. look at the Muslims today, you will find in them all the things mentioned in the fruitless tree, they are billions in number, like leaves, but no body care for them, because their tree does not bear fruit, they do not have sirpanch, they do not have think tank, they do not have watch dog, they do not have Robin hood, they do not have a Imam, they do not have Caliph, they do not have Sanhedrin, they have abandon the car and now they can not even walk straight, because they are not aware of the direction, they are like body without head, they are train without engine, they are just like water, flowing on ground, following each ups and downs, they are not like rivers, because the river has direction and aim, the water flowing in the direction of the river is allowed in the river and there is no place of stagnant water in the river, the stagnant water is stale, it absorbs the filth and it can not be used for drinking, it rots whatever comes in contact with it, every good thing which falls in it gets spoiled and rotten,. And the whole world wide Muslim Ummah is just like this filthy water, instead of benefiting from us peoples are keeping distance from us, we spoiled the Religion of Islam, we are responsible for the fall of Islam, Islam was pure and beneficial for every man on earth, it was just like life saving medicine, but when it came in contact with us it became filthy, any noble person arising from us, now easily termed as terrorist, only because of our deeds, our religion Islam was just like Kohinoor diamond, fell from our hands in the filth of our ocean, now who is responsible for this great loss of the entire mankind, this is the loss of the entire mankind, and we are responsible for this alone, so why should we be not punished? And why should we bear the pains of the punishment, of the bad deeds done by our fathers.The need of the time is unity of Muslims, and the ulamas should take initiative, the good peoples should cooperate the ulamas, and if the ulamas are unable, then the good mighty peoples of muslim umma should take the reins of Muslim community in their hands, this is not only the need of the time but it will be a matter of accountability in front of Allah yesterday, Allah SWT will ask the gifted Muslims, that why you did not took initiative to restore justice in Muslim umma, when the ulamas were incompetent, when the ulamas were blaming and accusing each other, when the ulamas were real enemy of Islam, when the common muslims were in great need, when the innocent peoples were suffering, then why I had given you good brain, good opportunities, good careers, good health, good position, ? then what you will say to Allah?, our Hajj our Charity, our Islamic dress, our Islamic caps, are of no use if it has no collective bearings, if there are sweets in our mouth and on the other side there is pain in our toe, it is bleeding, then there is no use of the sweet taste in the mouth, then we put local anesthesia to the paining toe, the local anesthesia can calm the pain and then we can eat the sweets, this is our present condition, we are eating sweets, but our whole body has wounded, it has bleeded, and now it became senseless, the anesthesia of ignorance, and laziness and indifference has made our body senseless, our wounds need cure not anesthesia, there are innumerable problems in our society, but there is not a single man to put a lotion on the wound of a needy muslim, every body is thinking that it is not his problem, it is not in his control.There is nothing in any body’s control unless we abandon the laziness and try to control it. the peoples who are not deserving are today the masters of earth, because the deserving peoples are sleeping, or probably the final sleep of eternal death, if we want that our muslim peoples should lead a peace full life, and there should be justice in our society then we must elect some good person as our imam in each locality and obey him, and if we are not doing this then this suggest that the welfare gene is missing from our chromosomes, and this is one of the signs of the end times of the world. Not only the oppressor, but the mighty good peoples are also equally responsible for the sufferings of innocent victims. December2009. this article initiated in Dubai.UAE.
Our Car is still waiting for the proper driver. Other wise it will be sent to SCRAP very soon. Car is our religion, the road is Islam, Shahada / Kalma is License, the Head light is Quran and Street light is Hadiths, the petrol is our Faith and Eeiman, our Drivers are our Caliphs and Imams, Daily salat is ignition, Fridays is Oil Change, Hajj is Driving School, Ramadan is RTO passing, shariya Law is our Road Map, Eids are Indicators, Difficulties are the Bad Road, Zakat is maintenance, Jihad is Race, Accident is Hypocrisy and life is journey, and Utopia, Happiness, peace and Justice is our Destination, which will be achieved by the blessing of Allah SWT only.
If we could not form MUSLIM SELF HELP COUNCIL in each community, then we are really worms.
There is a Hadith of the Final Prophet PBUH in Islamic apocalypse regarding the signs of the End Times of the universe, it states that “The Sun will rise from the west well before the End Times”,.What you think, Are Science, Technology , Knowledge not brighter than the sun of yesterdays, is the Sun of Knowledge, Science and Technology is not arisen from the west, Open your eyes.!.
The Hadith of the final prophet PBUH further states that, “After the sun rise from the west, no good will be accepted from mankind, no excuses, no confessions, “this means that the Doors of the sky will be closed, forever.
One should not be satisfied by the frame in which he finds himself trapped; he must try to restore justice and peace, by the orders of God for the benefit of all and for the benefits of his own generations, this is the aim of life of human race, becoming rich man’s dog is not the aim, the food and the resources are not for wasting on rich man’s dog, be human.

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